SVC: Chaos And Warzard discussion

whats up with this SVC chaos game i heard its coming out for ps2 on 9/15/04 it looks awesome + its got megaman zero and shin akuma and a bunch of other kick ass characters. is it out in japan already, or arcades and if so has anyone here played it? is it any good?

and also, that capcom fighting jam game there are characters from a game called warzard(red earth) has anyone played that game? and is that game any good?

god I wanna play as zero in that game. i hope he’s selectable on the site it said he was cpu controlled only. but whatever. opinions on these games anyone?

yo i got this from mmcafe

-country: Greedia
-32 years

He is a king who is cursed and fight to remove it.
Good: get back to his kingdom and turn back human.
Human: can’t fight the beast with in and turn in a lion.

  • Chrono slash: rush with a huge slash forward.
  • Mars slash: a spinning slash forward.
  • Herculeus slash: run and upward slash
  • Gaia driver: similar to Zangief 360 moves.
    -super: Heracles slash a super version of chono slash.
    -super: Gigas driver a super version of gaia driver.

-country Zippang
-28 years

He is a ninja working for his king.
Good mukuro seems to stop an murder against his king.
bad Mukuro leave before the murder attempt.

  • Ichimonji: throw some kunais.
  • Rasenkiaku: Tatsumaki like move, similar to ryu’s.
  • Tsumuji: make a small horizontal wind tornado, works like a yoga flame.
  • Bakuoryuoshiou: power geyser like move, fire pillar is the same as in Urien’s win pose in SF3
  • Enmazuki:charge forward with his elbow, if it kill with it he remove the heart of the opponent and squish it as a special win pose.
  • Utsusemi: Teleport move
  • Kagero: teleport and slash move.
  • Rasentsujin: huge slash forward, the end of the slash make a projectile.
    -super: Jioumonji: throw many kunai, you can choose were.
    -super: Homuratsumuji: similar to Dalshim yoga fire in MvC2.

-country: gora
-13 years
-151 cm

Just a martial artist who trains herself to be the best after her village was destroyed, now revenge time!!
Good: she is strong enough, and she meet a dog, and keep him with her.
Bad: she’s not strong enough yet so she trains harder.

  • Koujinken: fireball
  • Enryukiaku: spinning kick similar to chun-li but vertically with fire kick.
  • Kogakujiou:jump and dash down with fire kick.
  • Idaten: rush forward with fire kick.
  • Koen: rush, grab the opponent and make a “salto” move.
  • Kougakijiou: make a energy blast in air, like a fireball that don’t move.
  • Tentsuiga: grab move with an huge combo in air.
    -super: Chioukoujinken: big fireball.
    -super: Chiouenryukiaku: super version of the spinning kick.

-country:ice land
-19 years
-163 cm
-48 kg

A wizard who look for fun experiments.
Good? ; find a new life form and froze it so he will never be free.
Bad?: find a new life fom but take care of it.

  • Chakra wave: fireball.
  • Reverie sword: dragon punch like move with a spinning knife.
  • Air Charkra wave: air fire ball.
  • Glace canon: a canon shoot an ice bomb.
  • Fiama canon: a canon shoot an fire bomb
  • Electron canon: a canon shoot an electric bomb.
  • Jamming ghosts: ghost comes and knock you.
  • Death fenomenom: curse you with little balloons that flies around.
    -super: Tricicle edge: giant ice spike.
    -super: Hyper canon: a canon who shoots all type of bomb.

CPU characters will comes later.
Sorry for the typo errors

Well As I said those are CPU characters, and their move list make no differences between normal specials or super moves.
As CPU characters they didnt have any ending (you can play them) but they got a little story to show why you did fight them.

Hauzer is just a dragon waiting for someone to bite.

  • Tempest strike: a huge bite movement forward.
  • Tempest sliding: same as before but on the ground.
  • Tempest catch: a move similar to Rose dragon punch.
  • Danger assault: a rush forward with the horn.
  • Horn quake: fallow danger asault and send you in air.
  • Collapse hammer: a strong tail hit.
  • “Tear maker” : hauzer grabs you with his leg , them jump and fall on you.
  • Volcano breath: blows many fire balls, when they hit the ground some flame pillar explodes.
  • Gust flame: huge yoga flame thingy.

Kongoh: 1st Kongoh is a normal man named Tanuma, and when player comes he turn into a Japanese Oni called Kongoh, share some connection with Mukuro.

  • Jiwarizuchi: a huge club smash.
  • Yamasakizuchi:a huge club smash with flame effects.
  • Susobarai:a club swipe near the ground.
  • Sanzonotegata: a huge punch move.
  • Yorozukudaki: a grab move where he squizz you.( like Honda).
  • Haniagaeshi: a head butt move upward.
  • Doatsuryu: throw his hair forward.( Like anakaris snake).
  • Roupuchirashi:his belly explode with an acid spit.
  • Maggakashiwade: clap his hand. (negate projectile)
  • Kobushichigiri: throw his punch like a projectile. (rocket punch)
  • Sora Kobushichigiri: in air throw his punch. (akuma fireball)
  • Daibustuden: jump and land on his butt.

Secmeto: Secmeto is an egyptian Chimera. Its Arumana IV who gather the soul and give her heart to summons secmeto.

  • Seinarugoseki: the Lion head bite.
  • Ten no goseki: in air the Lion head bite.
  • shinjyo no togame: a claw hit close to the ground.
  • Fujyou no kiyome: throw some sand with his leg.(similar to felicia sand move)
  • Akuma no toiki: the Goat head blow a poison cloud.
  • Harubi no seika: the dragon head throw a fireball.
  • Shi no seika: the dragon head blow some fire.(yoga flame).
  • Zaishia no shinbatsu: the dragon head bites you and throw you away.
  • Sabaki no hikari: Lion head disappear and a huge beam shoot out. (Ryus MvC2 super)
  • Nie no zainin: 3 women rise from the sand if they hit you more comes out and they turn you into a egyptian coffin.

Nool: Nool is an aquatic creature and seems quite evil, most of the time he attack someone and the player comes to save them.

  • Trident pierce: trident hit forward.
  • Trident upper: trident upper slash.
  • Arctic stream: throw a tornado projectile.
  • Vital sucker: trident hit if it connect suck some life.
  • Tadpole shot: a tadpole pops out of the ground and some little octopuses fly from it horizontally.
  • “Venom fanel”: a venom blow upward. (yoga blast)
  • Idol spinning: a spinning move vertically.
  • Notilus attack: a psycho crusher like move.
  • “Tentacle trip”: put his tentacle in the ground and catch you with them away.
  • “Hanging voyager”: grabs you with his tentacles and throw you.
  • Strangle spark: grabs you with his tentacles and schock you.
  • Lightning master: Nool is covered of lighting. (rising storm like)

Luan: Luan is an harpy lady, when you beat her youll release her soul who seems to be good.

  • Houensaisou: a wing flap forward.
  • Houkonsoukai: an upper wing flap.
  • Jyahoubu: dash and hit you with her knees.
  • Soushiha: a strong kick forward.
  • Shinjyougokou: summons some feather around her.
  • Mamestusenshiou: jump and shoot a small beam from her mouth. (optic blast)
  • Sanyokuran: flap her with and move some dust on the ground.
  • Yokurestujyusou: jump and land on you with one feet.
  • Kakurestudakou: dash on you from the air, grabs you on the air and land on you on both knees.
  • Tenshiouzahou: spinning move with both wing, quite large.( similar to chun-li spinning kick but vertically.)
  • Kientenhou: turns herself into and giant fireball and dash at you in a fire bird form.

Gigi: gig is some kind of Aztec statue like the phobos, he protect his temple where the hero land.
He got 4 arms and a sword in each, he use traps for his temple too.

-“Perfect guard”: an energy shield that reflect projectile.
-“Kitsushiza”: a sword hit forward.
-“Pakusaza”: a sword slash.
-“Zahikinguza”: 2 horizontal sword slashes.
-“Kienpiza”: in air a sword slash.
-“Zakikukan”: sit down and rise upward with the 4 sword.( marrow spinal move like)
-“pichikikan”: stick his swords on the ground and some pillar rise.
-“Pichikikan”: stick his swords on the ground and some spear rise.
-“Pichikikan”: stick his swords on the ground and some stone block travel from his screen side to yours.
-“lunliguzachiaku”: spin on himself with all swords. (sonic hurricane)
-“Melichiakachiaku”: many huge and fast swords slashes forward.

And now for blade:
-“Alukutos”: huge sword swipe forward.
-“Selene”: a sword swipe, but the slash effect have a a “negative” effect on background’s color.
-“Ales”: a throw attack that slams you down.
-“Poros”: a froward hit with his sword that “stretch” itself, think billy kane.
-“Pushokuron purokus”: a huge fire ball, (all CPU characters face a drawn in it)

  • Trance: a yoga flame things, if it connect you’re trapped in a mirror.
    -“Katoputoron”: Blade makes himself explode, and all armor part comes back after.

Valdoll: Valdoll is the final boos from Warzard and got two form. He his a wizard that fight with 2 dragon as pet.

  • Frobiden viper: call some snakes from the ground.
  • Warp: teleport himself.
    -“Magilis sentinel”: dragon charge you.
    -“Magilis Sentinel”: dragon charge to the ground.
    -“Magilis sentinel”: dragon grabs you.
    -“Magilis sentinel”: dragon make a psycho crusher like move from the air.
    -“Magilis sentinel” fire breath: dragon blow fire.
    -“Magilis sentinel” Ice breath: dragon blow ice.
    -“Magilis sentinel” Thunder breath: dragon blow thunder.
    -“Magilis sentinel” Poison breath: dragon blow poison.
  • Perish lightning: a laser like move. (optic blast)
    -“Souls soliton”: calls some blade from the ground and the celling. (lik Lei-lei super)

Shin Valdoll: when you beat him Valdoll turns into a monster, imagine a huge brain with the spinal column (as tall as you) with Valdoll remains in front of it. Basically is is Valdolls head with his arms tied to a huge brain.
Most move are similar.

  • Warp: teleport himself.
  • Forbiden viper: Call some snakes from the ground.
    -“Magilis sentinel” fire breath: dragon blow fire.
    -“Magilis sentinel”: both dragon rush at you.
    -Perish lightning: laser shoot just like before.
    -“Souls soliton”: call some blade from the ground. (only the ground this time)
    -Enmity malice: blows a weird projectile, if it hit some weird ghost comes and curse you.
    -“chaos destiny”: both dragon comes and make an upward spinning attack at you.
    -Destruction rain: some meteorite come from the sky. (like tabasa in SvC).

Others stuff:
As you may or may not knows, warzard is full of many stuff, some characters can change weapon they can all change level and there is 32 level by character with a name for some level. The is a lot of NPC in warzard who is a game with one of the best story ever. here I’ll write some of them.

Leo: Leo have many sword in the game he can get some new one when he change some levels, and there is 4 of them hidden in a bonus stage, with elements power, like flame or ice.

  • Lv 0: Soldier. - Lv 3: Swordman.
  • Lv 6: Fighter. - Lv 10: Revenger.
  • Lv 14: Victor. - LV 19: Warrior.
  • Lv 25: Hero. - LV 32: Warlord.


  • Lv 0: Stalker. - Lv 3: Sniper.
  • Lv 6: Commando. - Lv 10: Stinger.
  • Lv 14: Executor.- Lv 19: Stealth.
  • Lv 25: Shadow. - Lv 32: Assassin.


  • Lv 0: Grappler. - Lv 3: Striker.
  • Lv 6: Buster. - Lv 10: Martian.
  • Lv 14: Champion.- Lv 19: Ironfist.
  • Lv 25: Godfist. - Lv 32: Asura.

Tabasa: even if she didn’t get as much weapon as Leo, Tabasa got an hidden weapon too called the Sun Staff, anyway she’s hard to get…

  • Lv 0: Magician. - Lv 3: Sorcerer.
  • Lv 6: Witch. - Lv 10: Phantasm.
  • Lv 14: Summoner - Lv 19: Sage.
  • Lv 25: Archmage.- Lv 32: Magelord.

Power orbs:
In Warzard you didn’t have a power bar, in order to make a super move you must collect some power orbs. It works like rival school gems if you hit an opponent he may drop one of those, you can then get them and use them in to ways. A super move of your or use the element of the orb for and other attack.
Element are important since player and especialy CPU can be weak to some elements like Nool who is weak to fire… Each Obs have a spirit to show here power here they are:

  • Fire: Goranda is a snake/dragon spirit and will make a fire attack that will move on the ground.
  • Ice: Soulfunil is a lady made of ice, here attack is many ice shaped projectil that will chase the opponent.
  • Thunder: Gorubarus is a horned wolf spirit, the thunder orb attack with some lightnings falling on the screen for a rising storm like attack.
  • Wind: Rafale is a tornado shaped lady, she will attack with many little tornadoes (a la joe higashi) that will cross the screen.
  • Meteo: Giamateuslooks like to a greek god, and will make meteor fall like in Gill super.
  • Poison: Dogma likes look a weird ghost, his attack will make many poison cloud to appear near the player.

NPCs characters:
here is a short list of the many characters you will see in the game.

-Valo, Vigo, Vestu, are 3 old wise man that will appear to LEO.
-Tanuma is a japanese like dude, who will turn into Kongoh when you meet him.
-Arumana IV is an egyptian princess, she is the one who awake Secmeto.
-Kentos is a young knight that Leo meet after defeating Secmeto.
-Ishia is a young girl that Leo freed from Nool, she got 2 dogs who tried to help her.
-Naosuke, he is Mukuro’s king.
-Mukuro’s soldier, those are yellow ninja who works for mukuro.
-Amano Izanagi, A.Fuhito, A.Muraku, are some sisters and brother whosearch each other, Tao will meat them many times.
-Mamuru & Yubaba, are a young girl and her granny save by Tabasa from Nool’s tentacles.
-Ronberuto: A knight that Tabasa will meet.

Other characters:
We all know all and Iven who are Tabasa’s cat but she got a 3rd cat called Shina.
And in the pet class Valdoll got 2 dragon pet called Despair and Misery.

Other stuff:
Here are some special animation stuff.
Finishing animation:
Like in Samurai spirit game you can finish your opponet, still only Mukuro, Leo, and sometimes Tabasa can. like in SS your opponent will be cut in 2. it seems to only works on CPU characters.
-Hauzer is cut in 2 so you’ll see what is inside a dragon.
-Kongoh same as Hauzer.
-Nool same as Hauzer.
-Secmeto cut in 2 you’ll see that he’s a statue with some egyptian writing inside.
-Luan cut in 2 she’ll lose a wing.
-Gigi inside only cogs and machanical stuff.
-Blade, just an empty armor.
-Shin Valdoll an huge brain cut in to, I let you imagine…

With his Enmazuki mukuro can get your heart if he kill you with it, he get the heart out and then squish it,but the heart can change:
-A heart with red blood, for:
Hauzer, Kongoh, Luan, Mukuro, Leo, Tao, Tabasa.

  • a heart with green blood, for: Nool, Secmeto, shin Valdoll.
  • an energy orb for Gigi.
  • and an emerald for Blade.

Some other move can give a cursed animation, like Blade mirror move were players are traped in a mirror, for exemple Mukuro will be upside-down in it.
But Valdoll as an other move who change you like Demitri’s MB or Anakaris JOPT. this move turn’s you in a tiny version of you, NOTE you cen move and “fight” even cursed.

  • Leo turns into a some lion kid with some clothes.
    -Mukuro, turn into those Rhino-beetle.
    -Tao turns into a monkey wearing Tao suit.
    -Tabasa turns into the Ledgendary pink Pinguin

wow thats a little more info than i expected but thanks

SvC Chaos will only come out on XBOX here in the states on Sept. 29th. (It’s also LIVE).

i have a warzard site