SvC Chaos (Boss Edition) - challengers needed

Got my controllers back up and running so I need to get back into this game after playing it in the arcade for 4 months. Me and a friend use mame32k 0.64 and kawaks 1.56

We’re up for some challengers. So add me. :lovin:

-this is not open to discussion of how broken the game is (I know) but it’s still my fav online fighter as it is with a friend of mine.

I play it occasionally. It’s a very depressing game though, but I don’t have much of a problem with the balance issues, mainly because I don’t actually think it’s that broken. Most of the people that cry about it being broken, don’t even know how to guard cancel front step, which is the most important thing to actually being good in that game.

even if you don’t play geese or zero, it is broken man.

i remember playing someone who just showed me some crazy stuff. chun kick super into exceed into kikosho, hugo comboing into moonsault and gigas breaker and stuff like that.

then there were the glitches, sometimes supers like shinku hadoken would get stuck on the screen so you’d either get infinite comboed or chipped to death randomly.

crazy :looney:

Now I’m not hating on the game, cause I actually kinda like it. But isn’t guard cancel front step what made the game so broken in the first place. I mean the whole point of doing it is so you can pretty much directly cancel into any super. That aside, I’d play you if I had the boss edition. I love Shiki and Geese in that game.

P.S. which emulator are using for net play?

The concept of guard cancel front step lets you punish almost everything…but then almost everyone can benefit from this. That said, there are some things you can’t punish even with guard cancel front step, like Geese’s raging storm. I guess that is one reason why he could be considered top tier (besides his infinite).

edited for content you should know better than to say that in open posts-fb

The emus I use were stated on my first post.:lovin: