SVC Chaos/KOF 2003 Los Angeles, Game ZONE X Results Saturday 2/7

We actually had a decent amount of players and good comp for these two SNK Fighters…

SVC Chaos
1st-Erik Garcia (Riot Iori) Panorama City
2nd-Raul Mendoza (Geese) Canoga Park
3rd-Ray Ramirez (Geese) Anaheim
4th-Jason “DreamTR” Wilson (Dhalsim/Terry) Valley Village

KOF 2003
1st-Erik Garcia (see above)
2nd-Oscar Ramirez (Orange County)
3rd-Nate Montes (Santa Ana)
4th-Danny Ortiz (Pasadena)

SVC Chaos Notes:

Heavily favored K4 (K99) got upset in round one by Raul Mendoza, then proceeded to lose in his first match in the loser’s bracket to Eluids, ultimately placing last. Dream then Beat Eluid’s Geese with turtle Dhalsim, and won another match before losing eventually to Raul Mendoza. Jeremiah “Earthquake” Donofrio placed 5th with Earthquake and Zero. There were only TWO players that did not use a secret character in the tournament. It was Geese and Zero for basically everyone, and one Dimitri. Erik whooped on everyone with a very effective and unpredictable Riot of Blood Iori. Almost never missed a combo.

KOF 2003 Notes:
Erik just dominated the entire tourney, he lost ONE game to Oscar Ramirez, but he proved to be way too good for the players here, proceeding to do a pseudo infinite in the game as well. The Game Zone X heroes: Chivas, Steven Figueroa, and DreamTR all won at least one match, with Dream somehow placing 5th after playing it all of 45 minutes total.

Thanks to everyone for participating, we will announce our next KOF 2003/SVC Chaos tourney soon, so stay tuned!

good shit K4, hold that shit for the 04’…

Dont sweat it, K4 was just sandbagging. After all, he’s gone to numerous arcades and beat all the TOP svc players there right?

Keep kickin em in the ass K4, SRK community supports you.


well k-4 better come and practice to game zone more often if he wants to beat eric:D

Erik is beastly…

K4 has never played at All Amusement Center before, the two locals that he lost to are from there…

OWNED !!!111

This tournament was ill. And it was the first one where there were a lot of good players at svc and KOF … I had a lot of fun chilling with the people AND GETTING MY ASS KICKED 2 TIMES IN A ROW IN THE TOURNEY … finally getting LAST PLACE … OWNED.

The Geese players were good … and it doesnt matter if you can beat them in casual play … if in a tourney you dont beat em … you aint shit … and that was my case.

Great props to the Riot Iori player … now I know where he plays … I talked with him a lil and its for sure we are gonna have some rematches maybe in the gamezomeX … or IN CAMELOT WHERE I PLAN TO HOLD WEEKLIES OR BIWEEKLIES OF SVC AND KOF … and I say this coz now I know that not only me and my friend plays this game seriously but also many more in other areas … and this other people maybe will come to the camelot tourneys … IM GOING TO GET MY REVENGE :mad: ( j/k ).

But really, I feel good that finally I found a guy that can gimme a really hard time to beat …

Btw, props to you with Dhalsim … really good.

Finally, I really sucked at this tourney … but ask the people that was there if I suck for real or not … if u think Im a scrub … ok no prob … just come and play me to confirm your ideas :cool:

Hey Jason … can u ask the riot iori player when he will go to the gamezoneX so I can make it there and spar with him a lil ? … maybe next weekend … or maybe like I said in a tourney here in camelot .

Yesterday was a great day and I had tons of fun … good shit to everybody …

again …



OWNED !!!:cool:

sad that k4 talked all that shit and things ended up the way they did…Also DREAM tr was being a little nice, what he didnt mention is that he took out the person that eliminated k4 with dhalsim…Dhalsim. Imma say this again an editor of tips and tricks took out the guy that eliminated k4 with DHALSIM …::shakes head::

The editor of tips and tricks also took pictures of us after the tournament though. He is going to post them in the next tips and tricks magazine that is coming out next month. He was nice to release some pics that he took of us. Here is one that he took of k4 …he didnt seem too sad to lose…

You are one of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen on SRK. however…if you really believe this, then you’re finally one step closer to coming out of scrubdom, good shit…

dude, so it will not matter if some guy beat you pretty badly in CVS2 using Kyosuke ( low tier ) while you are Sagat ( top tier ) in casual play ? …

that was the same scenario in SVC in the NCR … I was Hugo ( low tier ) and you were Guile ( top tier ) … and I beated you 6 times in a row with him.

Its not the same.

Am I scrub ? … yah right.


I would love to get owned again … hah :smiley:

Never mind then…you haven’t learned a thing :frowning:

All i read from this thread was
1st in Svc - K4
1st in kof 2003, - K4.

even if he did get 2nd place or last, he still beats us all at life.

Arturo, please bring crazy FOBS to Game Zone X. PLEASE! I do not touch SVC, but I guess I can do ok with no secret characters =P I actually think the game is fun if there are no secret characters, but what do I know?= /

K4 is very solid at the game, but he just failed at the tourney that day…we’ll have another soon, and there were some absentees…so next time, we will try to get all of the random players at All amusement to play. They actually have 2 SVC cabinets over there…and they are ALWAYS being played. Too bad it is 50 cents :lol:

Can u please ask the Riot Iori player as well as the geese guys when is a good time to stop by at the gamezone or at that amusement center so I can find em and have some comp ?

I think I can only go on fridays after 12:00pm … just the time where the traffic is a bitch :frowning:

I vote you guys throw another tourney.
This time put money on it.

Its obvious K4 was SANDBAGGING, he fooled all of you. He knows what he’s doing, he had this planned out since 2002. He let everyone beat him during the tourney, just wait till the next one, just wait…

K4, I don’t know when they play, I only go to Game Zone to hang out with Steve and collect money from the cabinets =P I don’t go to the arcade, so I could not tell ya when they hang out there or at AA, better off asking Jeremiah, he is on AIM as Nintendo Cholo.


erik and the gang go to game zone on friday around 6 then head to aa after so u will find them there


tomorrow Im gonna do some business in pasadena and at a city thats located at the end of the 91 west freeway.
GamezoneX is like 30 minutes from there compared to more than hour if I go from camelot ( at least thats what I guess ).

So if you see the guy … tell him that Im gonna be at the gamezone tomorrow in the afternoon :cool:

damn … the appointment was cancelled so I guess I wont be there around 6pm.

I still need to be in pasadena like at noon today … but I think that if I go to the gamezoneX by that time I will find no comp at all.

sucks =/