SVC Chaos question. Only for those who know the game well

Is it true that Geese’s high counter special can counter Shin Akuma’s Exceed (Misogi)? I don’t believe he can… I just don’t believe it until I see it but someone says he can… Can anyone record this and verify it? Cause I’m playing it in the arcades alot and that is something I cannot believe until I see it…

Probably. It can in CvS2

Since we’re talkin about Geese’s moves, anyone know what it says when he does his holy gate super?

it is official… Akuma is a bitch!!!

Shit, we all knew Geese > Akuma

**oh … my… fucking… god… grrr@!!:arazz: That’s dissappointing to see but at least i know it’s true. Still, in a highly competative game I’ve played vs some top Geese players online and offline, they have not had enough time to pull out the counter fast enough to counter the Misogi. Best times to do it are when they are getting up, in a combo or when the enemy is in the air.

Thankx for the vid, wootage.**

Eh, Shin Akuma isnt even allowed to be used in any competitive gameplay…I dont think he can even be chosen in the arcade machine, the code given doesnt work there.

Well, I’m talking about kaillera play with roms. Even the console versions allow bosses to be selected. You can use them in the arcade aswell but only in the AES version (so I read).


This game ,even though it can be funny , isn’t worthy competitive .
Problem of balance are very dominant here ,especially Geese and Orochi Iori .
It should have been a better game with enhanced graphics /musics / balance :confused:

**Well, I’ve tested it out and in a very competative game, it’s near impossible to pull the counter out in time to counter the Misogi. So for me, Shin akuma still destroys Geese. :wgrin:

And even though the game does have major balance issues, i still find it’s my favourite fighting game for online play. I’m bored of the capcom vs and the alpha series. :wasted: **

Go to Orbit for your comp…

Play NeoGeoBattle Coliseum in addition to this game since NGBC is quite better…now as a Geese player myself yes Geese sucks in NGBC and he is in his finest hour here…but still

Play Ngbc also!!!

(Yes I do play this…got to this thread a little late)

Yes Psychochronic I’m trying to catch up to like every thread now and get your Tenka stuff etc…my apologies I’m very busy when it comes to gaming…