SvC Chaos ( Remix Ultra v 1.2) Review Pt1


A very nice patched version of SVC Chaos that made alot of changes. Some are for ease-of-use and some are for balance issues.**

WTF…you changed Geese’s super to qcfx2+P? That makes it 100% stupid to ever jump at him when he has meter. Also changing Guile’s anti-air super to be qcbx2+K, was not a good idea at all.

Edit: There is no point in repeating everything twice in the video, when people can just rewind.

Edit2: The Kim stomp glitch should be made a bit easier to do…I don’t remember if it was easy to do in SvC but it is definitely hard to do in kof2k2.

**Thankx for the feedback. I’ll put the new url up once youtube’s maintenance issues are resolved… ( it’s only been 48 huors )… **

rofl @ not changing Zero at all


What makes you so sure? Just because I didn’t show him? It was part 1 video after all.

dang your text is really hard to read and stuff

I kind of wanted to see that vid?

Oh, okay. found it.

Sorry about the colored text. Video is up

Yeah, from what I saw last night… Guile and Geese got broken into pieces.

Also lol @ Dan :stuck_out_tongue:

yay for dan

This game was released 70% complete, at the time SNK was going bankrupt. All of these little fixes remind me of the hacked versions of KOF I’ve seen at the arcades, titled, KOF2006 ULTRALITE, activate four groves at once untill the sprite is completely white, KOF2003ULTIMATEBOSS, KOFNEOWAVEBLASTERVER2.6 PLUS. Man, the fixes does not make the game any better, but it sure is funny to watch what some dedicated players would do with it.

Unlike those KOF hacks I’ve seen also… this SVC patch doesn’t give players “max power startup”, “give ugly pallette colours”. This one is pretty well thought up from alot of the changes I reviewed. Can’t please everyone I guess.