SVC Chaos - roll and dodge patch

Would this very limited roll and dodge patch make this game a bit more interesting to play?


That still doesn’t stop the game from being shitty. Mind you this is coming from someone who will admit that they play this game once in a while.

And I play it everyday. :slight_smile:

Guard cancel front step is already all you need to punish almost anything you block. Instead the game needs the ability to hop instead of high jump, since high jumping woudln’t really hit anyone with a good reaction speed.

Actually, the dodge one also attacks with a little unblockable damage to it. I would’ve liked the KOF roll style in this game but not a hop. I just can’t stand those… argg. I prefer high jumps. Speaking of high jumps, I noticed Hugo and Earthquake don’t have shadows/clone sprites when thet do theirs. I guess it would slow the game down for being so large.

Maybe they jump so slow that we can’t see then ?:rofl:

nah that looks pretty bad
svc’s presentation and engine were set up for a close battle i mean the stages are small and a majority of moves cause major lockdown at full screen
besides the fact that dodge and roll look like shit roll would make characters less effective and would probably solidify Geese as S+ tier knocking zero out

I see I see. Good points guys. hmmm

So, AcidGlow, it was you that made it ?
which tools you used ?

Interesting? If it is a good strategy, use it!

SNK vs CAPCOM isn’t a bad game, it is just a weak game for what they could have done with the license.


where to get the patch