SVC Choas Faq

SVC Chaos Faq

Hey everyone.Well i dont know how to start,but ofcourse as you can all see this is my first post :).
I know Shoryuken from long time(since it start) but i wasnt a member…i wasnt that real fan to SNK VS capcom,Marvel Vs capcom…etc
anyways,i wanna really ask you bout something guys,Is there’s any SVC choas Fan?? or atleast a person who know a bit from this game??
well cause i’ve been searching for some people (fans for SVC),and it’s just like hard to dig and find anyone who atleast like SVC.
Am not a very big fan of this game, but i just enjoy playin it, and so i decided to do a Faq bout SVC.
I’ve downloaded faqs, but they were proully weak (without mentioning names please).I’ve allready made all of the aspects for the faqs, i just wanted to clean some from the faq and simple updates…the prob is how to upload it.
seroiusly i dont wanna put it in a site where it will not get a name or notice from other people, so i went toward you guys.Am a Tekken zaibatsu member(a tekken fan actually),and ofcourse i cant upload such a thing like that in such a tekken site only…i tried to talk to my administrator in, and tried convinse him to upload my faq, but tell now he just didnt reply.
If you can help me out guys please.lot of people told me bout showing it to you in here, or try to upload it in here…any help please??
anyways, here’s a link to Tekkenzaibatsu, where i just stated some of my stuff in the Faq.(you shall find them at the end of the thread)
My screen name is the beholder (the same in here…)

Note:What was wrote On TZ,had been now updated!
Please if you wanna see the rest of it, or know more bout it then just tell me…
i would really be honoured if you helped me out,and hope you like it by the way…
My Faq is bout >> New combos(Plus good combos) for some charecters(bout 12 of all of them),Tactics and new strategies,Bugs and some notes.

Thanks for reading and answering…see ya soon everyone

The best strategy is to pick Zero…


try gamespot, ign, or

thanks…but arent there anyone interested to know any of my stuff?? cause before i upload the faq,i want you to see it first and judge (as your the prof. player guys)…also,i would really like to share it in here

thanks agian anyways :slight_smile:

Why do you need strategy when all you need to do is land an air DP with Zero or a close C with Geese to win? :lol:

No one plays SvC because it’s super fucking broken…

well actually am more to combos, specially for the other charecters except Zero and Geese…I know it’s not quite abalance game,but some combos and new combos wont hurt, am i right?
am just gonna wait, if anybody wasnt like do beilive me then am gonna post some of my faq combos in here…(a sample for like some charecters).
there’s some people who are missed cause of Zero’s and geese Game style,so i think i would give a bit for the others(Like Dimitri,Guile,Chun-li,Sagat,Takuma…and lot more)

thanks anyway for postin and reading:)

ammmmm…ok, let me start it with some Bugs and Notes.
Note:this is the un updated version, there shall be an updated version within few days

III.Bugs And Simple Notes:

-If you were able to quickly cancel a super move before it’s done,before even the super move light blight in,then the super will be canceled and also will be charged as if its been used from your super bar,I tried this bug with dahalsim,and here’s a simple example >> dahalsim do qcfx2+SP, and opponent jump in deep with SK.Dahalsim will motion the super(as if he starts to take the breath for super yuga fire ball),but it will be canceled without even the super light blights in,also the super bar will delete one of your supers as if it been used.

-As soon as you start the game, if you did a super move and hit opponent as counter hit,then the super move will cost more damage than the normal non counter hit super.i tried this out and i think it’s a bug (because it do only work at the begining of the stage,so i dont think it have somehing with stamina)also it does work sometimes and sometimes not.

-I heared a rumor bout an earthquake bug,i tried it out but it doesnt work.Anyways,am just passing it to you guys.Some people told me it doesnt work with me cause i play SVC on ps2,while all my friends and other faqs are on Arcade and Emu roms.
so here’s the bug: Choose hugo, your opponent choose earthquake.Let earthquake do fat guilty super(qcfx+SK), and at the same time Hugo must excute his exceedmotion 360 then SP+WP).If it’s done right,then Earthquake will be thrown by Hugo’s exceed,while the damage that earthquake will recive will be doubled(a 100% life throw).
Still am not sure Bout it,but if any person who have SVC rom or can try out in the Arcade then contact me…thanks

-sagat: when opponent is in corner,and he tried to sweep you while you normally preforming SK(but must be done summeltanoiusly), Sagat will normally escape the sweep and opponent will escape Sagat SK hit.After that,you will have the time to excute a free move, like, SP into qcbx2+SK, and then either Exceed or tiger uppercut(f,d,f/d+SP)(a full combo).This glitch only works on small charecter’s, like Kim, Kasumi,Terry,Ryu,Ken,Ryo,Akuma and shin akuma…etc.(any charecter that have the same sweep and priority like Ryu and Ken,also special sweeps cannot be buged like >> Dahalsim,Dimitri due to his long sweep).

-Geese Infinity: Yes,and even non maximum Infinity.Ofcourse it is a bit cheap for whom who use it will,It’s mainly hard to excute but still deadly.The concept of the infinity is:
when in close,SP into f+SK(Successfull Connection of two hits), Into dashing SP, f+SK (Another succesfull connection, so now it’s 4 hits).The hard part is to connect the dashing into SP,it is aint easy specially when you reach the forth peroid of infinity ,Cause you’ll get faraway from opponent by the time you keep doin infinity so thats why you must keep it in clean dash.If you have Maximum bar,then you could easily aviod specially forth turn period and fifth turn peroid(ofcourse by using maximum cancel).At the end anyway,just finish the combo with, Example: SP, f+SK, qcf+WP(Repuoken,which will juggle opponent), into raging storm d/b,hcb,f/d+SP.
Special Thanks to Victory Blows,a Tekken zaibatsu Member

-Hugo’s Secret way of jabs: I’ve discovered something weird with his special five jabs.Mainly if you kept pressinf d+WP,the maximum jabs as i said are 4,and they are even hard to preform 4xjabs.There’s something like a bug in order to easy and very quickly connect 5xJabs for Hugo, just reform it like this:
while crouching, press and bash WP then WK, do em continouisly and after each other quickly(just bash it), WP,WK,WP,WK,WP…Etc.
You’ll get five Wp jabs,while you have pressed WK…They’ll be very fast(the fastest jabs in the game) and a succesfull 5xjabs conection.It’s probably a Bug cause you should press WK to speed the WP jabing,while WK move will be excuted just only 5xjabs from WP.

Also see tekkenzaibatsu link,if you wanna see some sample combos for Guile,Chun-Li and finally dimitri…

thanks for reading

Due this isn’t a flame but Chaos is spelled as Chaos… not Choas. :smiley:

Ohh heck!! i didnt notice…lol, thanks for that
it’s just a stupid spelling mistake from me…real Pardon

-please tell me english isn’t your first language.
-in most Capcom games, counter hit anything will do more damage/stun than that same attack hit normally.
-no one plays this damn game any more, sorry to disappoint.

Your first bug isn’t really a bug either. You just get hit out of the super after it uses your super meter but before the super flash.

yes am sorry for that, english is aint my first lengo :slight_smile: (am an egyption,and sorry agian for that)

-I know that counter do more damage,but what was in there is a bug,cause there’s no counter super that cost a whole bar!!
i tried to counter super,and damage is slightly higher,but doin a super with a bar of life then i think it’s a bug

-i know…:(,a bit dissapointing

I know,i just wrote Bugs and Simple notes…

Ask Owned Member about this game, the guy is a snotty bastard about wins but he does know a lot of stuff on it.

I think you covered a lot of stuff. There’s also the Tabasa unblockable, which you do the ghost, then you crossover with her air bird pricisely so you overlay the ghost and the bird at the same time.

My opinion about gcsf still stands, it was a good idea, it was just used in wrong kind of game.

Maybe he refers to the SvC CHOAD FAQ? :confused: :wtf:

thanks for that…i actually knew bout Tessa unblockables.i really think it’s a good game,but unbalanced ofcourse and hella lot of errors.

Hey you said Owned member, You mean Owned people on this game?? or a member called Owned member or owned?? cause what ya meant that he’s a guy…aghh,am i that bad in english??

i’ll post some of my combo’s right now,see i would be pleased if you saw them too (cause i really need your vote bout them,i wanna know if they’r good or not).

thanks,see ya soon

Done By:The Beholder
Faq Version.1
Combos and Tactics FAQ


Table of contents:

II.Combos and tactics
III.Bugs and simple notes
V.Credits and Special thanks


f Forward direction (Move forward)
u Up direction (Jump)
b Back direction (Move backward)
d Down direction (Crouch)
f/u Foward+Up direction (Front jump)
b/u Back+Up direction (Backward jump)
b/d Down+Back direction (Crouching,could charge b/d)
f/d Down+Forward direction (Crouching,Could charge f/d)

f,f Dashing
b,b Back dash or retreat
d,u Super jump
d,u/f Super front jump
d,u/b Super backward jump

360 Motion pad from u to clockwise or anti clockwise motion tell it reach u agian
f270 Motion from f clockwise tell you reach u
b270 Motion from b Anti clockwise tell you reach u

WP Weak Punch "A"
WK Weak Kick "B"
SP Strong Punch "C"
SK Strong Kick “D”

SP+sK Right throw, throws opponent to the other side (C+D)
WP+WK Left throw, forward throw (A+B)

-Power Bar diffinations:(proportioned to both the red and yellow life bar together)
1/4 Means 1/2 of the first yellow bar
1/2 Means the whole first yellow bar itself
3/4 Means 1/2 of the second red life bar
Full Means the whole first and the second bar themselves.

-Conuter:While guarding, SP+SK.Doesnt deal any damage.Takes a bit from super Bar

-Guard forward step: While Guarding, quickly press either f,f or f Plus any button.Must be done quickly

-Guard Back Step: While Guarding, Quickly press either b,b or b plus any button.Must be done quickly

-Guard crush: Happens when you guard alot untill your guard meter finishes up.Guard crush effect is stun to opponent,giving you properties of free hits

-Special Maximum Cancel: Mainly maximum cancel is like cancel a Special move or special hit or super moves into on to another.Some charecter’s like Sagat,Dimitri,Akuma,or Chun-li are like able to special cancel(mainly most of the charecters can special max.cancel),Example: Sagat, f,d,f/d+SP for tiger uppercut,if you did SP or WP just quickly as soon as you excute Tiger uppercut(maximum bar for maxim cancel),he will cancel the uppercut into a tiger fireball(qcf+Punches or Kicks).These kind of stuff are special maximum cancel’s,mainly most of them are aint usefull that much like dimitri’s f,d,f/d+SP into SP (any charecter that can cancel an uppercut into fireball are mainly useless maximum cancel cause they can never connect).Note:Mainly any charecter with charging move cannot special maximum cancel.
Here are some simple examples of maximum special cancels:

-Dimitri: f,d,f/d+SP >> SP(For fireball)
-Sagat: f,d,f/d+SP >> SP(For fireball)
-Chun-li: Qcf+WP >> qcf+SP(For super)
-Genjuru: qcf+SP >> SP(For uppercut) or vise versa

-Traps: What are traps?? Traps are a non combo strategy but more to Tactic.It is were you get opponent to trick them in order to fall into other hit’s connection(it maybe either followed by combo’s,super,Special move, Throw…etc)
Example of some traps: Akuma and Shin Akuma Death could be used as trap,simply jump in deep to opponent with SK and then normally excute Death super(WP,WP,f,WK,SP).This will not be counted as a combo,but totally guarenteed and non escapable.
Look at the strategies for Shin-Akuma and Dimitri,these charecters hold lot of traps.

-Arieal Rave: A series of combo while you and opponent are in air and you are preforming a combo,a charecter who can arial rave: Like Kim kaphuan.

-Combos or juggle: A series of hits that can guarenteedly hit opponent while he can never escape.

-Super moves: A special move which accumelate super bar, in order to preform a super move
Exceed: A superable Move, which it’s likely near to super.Great deal of damage will be dealt if it hits, and also only preformed one time in the whole battle and must be on the red HP bar.

-Normal Combo:Combo’s that doesnt need the help of the Maximum bar,so that means no maximum cancel will be used in any of the followed juggles that will be mentoined.

-Maximum Combo:Combo’s that does need the help of the maximum bar,so that means maximum bar will be use in any of the followed juggles that will be mentoined.

-Finisher: Finisher is the final finisher that end’s the juggle,where you cannot juggle after the final finisher(Could be either a move,Special hit,A normal hit,Super or exceed).

-Tactics and Strategies:These are small info bout some usefull tactics and strategies that you may use in the game.

-Tips:Small Notes and tips just to help in any prevoius mentioned combos or tactics for the mentoined charecter,or it maybe some small info bout the charecter that may come in handy within the game.

-Combo Analyser:A simple combo analyser for some Hard combos or important combos.It will just bhelp in uderstanding the way for preforming the combo.

>> Maximum Cancel move (Only when mximum bar is on)
>S> Special Maximum Cancel (Only When Maximum bar is on)
[] Charge
"" Take A note

  • Refer To

() Simple explination
{} Not guarentee to hit, or use for purpose of non guarentee move
_ You could also use(Meant Or)

ok,here’s some sample of the combos…Just a sample!!!


@Normal Combos:

06-*1: Faraway from corner, jump in deep with WK, [d]+WP,WK,f/d+WK, u+SK(For Bird kick), qcfx+SK, qcfx2+SP or exceed(if it done in corner)

07-*1: Anywhere, Jump in deep with WK, [d]+WP,WK,f/d+WK, u+WK, f,d,f/d+SK, qcfx2+SP or In corner Exceed


@Maximum combos:

-(Semi Maximum combo,Semi Trap combo)Jump in deep with SK,SP,f,d,f/d+SP >S> SP(for firball)(in this instant buffer midnight kiss super),WP,WP,f,WK,SK(Trap)

-*2While Telepoting, f,d,f/d+SP >> qcf+SP+WP, into buffered WP,WP,f,WK,SK(Trap).

@Normal Combos:

-*1Jump in deep with SK, WP,WP, f, WK, SK (3 hits then into guarenteable super)(Trap)**

-*When in close,SP, qcf+Sp+WP

@Normal Combos:

-qcb+SP, qcb+WP, qcf+SK

-qcb+SP, qcb+WP, hcb+SK, f,d,f/d+SK or qcfx2+SK (for super)(This juggle better be done near corner or not faraway from screen in order to connect air throw)

-**qcb+SP,wp,wp, qcfx2+SP (For super)


@Maximum combos:

-When in close,Sp, qcfx2+SK, wait a bit then hcb+SK*(as soon as you preform the move charge [d]) >> u+SK >> qcb,hcf+SK(in air) (Arial rave combo)


-Preforming qcb+WK when opponent guard,you'r completly safe then.Also,as a tricky link,you can keep qcb+WK into dd+WK_SK(also,if your in maximum mode and d,d+WK connect,then you have a free maximum cancel super >> qcb,hcf+SK_WK)

-In corner when you sweep opponent or he normally falls to the ground, you can keep cheaping by jump in air and then qcf+SK.This tactic is very usefull Vs. any charecter with dragon punch(f,d,f/d+SP),mainly kim's move(when in air, qcf+SK) will beat it,but take cover cause it opponent could punish you for this (example:Sagat Vs Kim, sagat can qcbx2+SK for a free hit super)


@Maximum Combos:

-When in close, f+SP, f,d,f/d+SP >> hcb+SP >> hcb+SP(for super cancel) >> qcfx2+SP(This combo could be done with Akuma too)

@Normal combos:

-Jump in deep with SK,then excute Death super(WP,WP,f,WK,SP) (Trap)

-SHin Akuma's Exceed is totally not escapable,the only way to escape it is by Teleportation or evade.You can use it after Sweeping opponent to the ground,but it must be correctly timed in where it must be done while opponent getting up from the ground(in order to guarenteedly connect the exceed).This tactic is usefull specially in corner,in where non evader or teleporter charecter can evade it,you could also use this tactic after Shin akuma's Infinity
Here are the charecter's the could escape Shin-Akuma's exceed:

    01-Dahalsim:     f,d,f/d+SP+WP_WK+SK or b,d,b/d+WP+SP_WK+SK
    02-Dimitri:      b,f+SP,WK or f,b+SP+WK
    03-M.Bison:      f,d,f/d+SP+WP_WK+SK or b,d,b/d+WP+SP_WK+SK
    04-Shin-Akuma:   f,d,f/d+SP+WP_WK+SK or b,d,b/d+WP+SP_WK+SK
    05-Akuma:        f,d,f/d+SP+WP_WK+SK or b,d,b/d+WP+SP_WK+SK
    06-Shiki:        d,d+SK_WK  or d,d+SP_WP
    07-Earthquake:   hcb+WK(Must be done as late as possible) or hcb+SK
    08-Vega:         SP+WP Only (Due to the long evade)
    09-Goenitz:      qcb+SK or WK
    10-Mars People:  

(Un completed)

Terry Bogard:
@Normal Combos:

-qcf+SP, f,d,f/d+SK or qcb+SP or [d],u+SP or qcfx2+SP(for super) or qcfx2+SK(for super,better if it done near corner to let it all hit)


-*While opponent crouching, f+WP, qcfx2+SK(for super) (A crouching Trap)

-When in close, SP, qcfx2+SK or f,d,f/d+SP

-While crouching,[b/d] then,SP into f+SK, qcb+SP or f,b,f+SP or f,d,f/d+SP


-When in close and better if opponent in corner,Jump with SK, d+WK,WK(or d+WK), hcb+S

:),these are just samples,there’s hella more stuff,specially the new and undiscovered stuff or some death and hard combos.
Also, did any one discovered a death combo ?? ofcourse other than Geese and zero,and even not an infinity it’s a death combo…anybody know??

thanks for reading

He means the member of SRK “owned member”. I haven’t seen him around in a while though…

ohh i see…sorry for my missunderstanding then
I’ll try then,thanks for that

guys,sory but i wanted to ask…Mr.wizard is the owner of this site right??
his last post was in like ages…will he answer on my e mail or PM?
is there’s any other admin. that i can talk to other than sir Mr.wizard?
thanks guys…

There are no true SvC lovers anymore, or KOF2k3, for that matter. I know that between myself and RF, we changed the entire K-Force’s mind about at least one of the two games.

Owned Member/K4 hasn’t been on in a bit, but I see THE ANSWER from time to time.

Kim Max combo.

(corner) Close C -> qcb+B XX qcb+P XX qcb+D(3rd hit) XX qcb+Cx3 XX Houou Kyaku


Close C -> qcb+B XX qcb+P XX qcb+B XX Houou Kyaku/Exceed

OR(I’ve done this twice, it’s stupid hard)

Close C -> qcb+B XX qcb,f+B(Empty Houou Cancel) -> Dash C -> qcf+D (3rd hit, near corner) XX qcb+Cx3 XX Houou Kyaku

I find it funny that Kim’s Empty Houou Cancel isn’t mentioned in the glitches.