SvC: Judgement

A lot has happened within the last few months.

The power that everyone thought was gone, The Orochi, returned. A new Orochi clan was formed: Chris, Yamazaki, Iori, Mature and Vice. Those five members of the Orochi Clan were challenged by five of the strongest fighters from around the world: Ryu, Ken, Terry, Kyo, and Kim. The battle lasted many, many hours. The Orochi were the stronger team however, killing the fighters.

The power has returned.

Osaka, Japan

Sitting in a rather large building were the Orochi members: Chris, a small quiet boy who was the host for Orochi himself, Mature and Vice who, despite their beauty, were merciless killers, Yamazaki, a giant of a man who unlike animals, he kills to live, and Iori Yagami, pure hatred for everything.

Bored I am. Mature said while reading a book. Im wanting to be active this day. Ive been given a extra life and I want to make the best of it.

Vice who was smoking agreed. Im in no mood for sitting around and watch the world pass me by. This world we can fill with the blood of our enemies. Which Im sure are great in number seeing as how we finally killed Kyo

Suddenly Iori, who was standing in total darkness, ran and grabbed Vice by the neck and slammed her down onto the wooden floor. He then growled into her ear these words: You!!! You silly little wretch!!! Not only go you have the gall to bring that name up in my presence, but also you figured that you would kill Kyo Kusanagi yourself!! MY sworn enemy!!

Vice, who was turning blue, gasped, Releaseme foolKyoisnt!

Kyo!! WHAT ABOUT KYO?? Iori roared. Blood was running down Vices throat. SPEAK WOMAN!!

Yagami, Kyo isnt dead. Chris said softly. Iori instantly released his grip on Vice who collapsed on the floor gagging. Iori ran over to Chris.

What do you mean boy? I saw that bitch kill Kyo!

Yamazaki was the next to speak.

Iori, you seriously need to chill out. Its bad enough Im hear with you idiots and hearing you roar and scream is starting to piss me off.

Ioris eyes turned blood red. SOMEONE ANSWER MY GOD DAMN QUESTION!!! WHERE IS KYO???

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Chris quietly turned and began to walk towards the door. Iori was trembling with rage. Yamazaki, however, just stood there playing with his knife. Mature was sitting on a long couch reading a book and Vice was still holding her throat. But before Chris could reach the door, an envelope slid under it. Chris reached down and picked it up, read it and said, Kyo is in New York City.

So? Yamazaki said. If Iori wants to go see his boyfriend, then let em. I dont care.

Iori, paid no attention to Yamazaki, but instead walked out into the pouring rain and slammed the door behind him.

Do you ever think their little feud will come to a merciful close, Chris dear? Mature said.

Itll have to. We are going to need him at full strength. The next King of Fighter Tournament is fast approaching. And we are going to tested my hordes of new fighters. Chris said softly.

Mmm Mature grumbled. She then looked at Vice who was still gagging and bleeding from the throat. Vice for goodness sake! He didnt hurt you thatoh!

Vice removed her hand and a large hold was in her throat. Blood was gushing everywhere. She was screaming for someone to help her. But the Orochi clan, never known for their humanitarian sides, just stood and watched.

Ryuji? Arent you going to do something? Mature asked quietly. She is bleeding a awful lot. And blood stains dont just wash out.

Yamazaki sighed and walked over to Vice that was lying in a pool of her own blood screaming and coughing. That bastard Iori shouldve just killed you right then and there. Leaving me to do his work. Yamazaki picked up Vice by the head and began squeezing. Yamazaki began squeezing harder and harder while gnarling his teeth. Vice was twitching uncontrollably. Yamazaki began yelling as Vices skull started to cave in.

Could you do it quietly you too? I am trying to read. Mature said.

Yamazaki then slammed Vices head as hard as he could into the hard wooden floor crushing her face. Blood was everywhere and Vices headless body was convulsing. Yamazaki sighed heavily and looked down. All over my Gucci shoes too. He then kicked her body.

Yamazaki then said, So, now what? We cant awaken them without Vice. Whatll we do now?

Chris said, Dont worry. I found the perfect replacement. Her name is Rose and she lives in Italy. She is very powerful and she will help us. Let us pay her a visit.

Well then Ryuji. You can buy new Gucci shoes over in Italy. How about that?

They better have a size 16 or Im coming mass murder. He grumbled.

Wow! What an interesting take on a Capcom/SNK Crossover! I like how you grouped Kim with the other strongest heroes. Sadly he died, but at least he went out with mad props!

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Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Kyo Kusanagi sat on a bench overlooking New York City. Wearing a jacket and a pair of jeans, he sat alone. It was a cold, damp night as it tends to get in January. Kyo however didn’t seem to mind the cold. He seems to be lost in deep thought. Reflecting over the past few months. Remembering waking up in the middle of the street in New York City not knowing what happened. He is totally void of any emotion.

“Kyo Kusanagi! Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

Kyo slowly turned around to see a large, muscalr man with long, blonde hair, muscle shirt, and cargo pants leaning against a steel beam.

“I could’ve sworn that the news said that you along with…”

He looked down.

Kyo spoke dryly: “Who are you?”

“My names’ Alex.” He said while sitting down next to Kyo. “How’d you get out here?”

Kyo scratched his head and said, “I don’t know. I can’t remember anything. I remember fighting and someone saying ‘look out’ but that’s it.”

Alex pulled out a bottle of beer. “The hell were you fighting for? I’ve heard stuff about Orochi but I’m not all too familar with it.”

Kyo sighed. “Long story. I’ll tell it to you some other time. I gotta go.”

“Go where?” Alex asked. “You gotta place to stay?”

Kyo shook his head.

Alex stood up and began to walk. “Now you do. C’mon, well take the subway over to my place. It ain’t the Hamptons, but it’s home.”

Kyo smiled a bit and asked: “Why are you doing this to me?”

Alex looked at Kyo. “I know that you are a proud fighter. I can feel it. You are just going through a time. But you’ll get over it. I’ve read about you. You took out this Orochi almost 10 years ago. You can do it again. Listen Kyo,” Alex said while looking down, “Terry, Ken and me, we were drinkin buddies. We would have us a couple beers, rough up a few clowns who drank too much. But we were friends. We would spar and test our strength. And now that they’re gone…one of those things I can’t believe. Heh…it’s funny. Ken’s kid Mel has a crush on my daughter.”

Kyo smiled. But then he stumbled a bit. Reganing his balence, he began holding his head.

“HEY! You ok?” Alex asked.

“I…I don’t know. That felt stange. I…I think I’m fine now.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah…I’m ok.”

“Ok…we’re at the subway. Let’s go because I’m cold and I’m hungry. How about you?”

“Yeah…whatever.” Kyo said quietly.

Alex and Kyo got onto the dank and smelly subway train. The doors slammed shut and they were on their way. Suddenly, Alex noticed something.

“Something’s wrong.” Alex said nervously. "Something isn’t right.’

“What? What’s up?” Kyo asked.

“Kyo, it’s 9:30 on a Saturday night in a city of over 8 million people and we are the only damn people on the subway!!”

Suddenly the train lurched to a stop. Alex and Kyo both fell to the ground hard.

“Uhhh!!” Kyo grunted. “What was that?”

“Dammit I don’t know!” Alex said while a large cut on his eyebrow was pouring blood. “This has never happened before…”

The subway train started to shake hard. Sparks were flying everywhere. Alex and Kyo struggled to stand up.

“Earthquake!!” Kyo yelled.

“Not in NYC, kid.” Alex shouted back.

Suddenly it stopped. The shaking, the sparks, everything. It was total scilence. Kyo then noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

“No! Not now!” Kyo gasped.

A stream of purple fire creped along the floor of the train. The train doors opened and there in a long, black trenchcoat stood Iori Yagami. He then spoke:

“You and I need to have a SERIOUS talk, Kyo.”

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“Iori!! What the hell is your problem?” Kyo yelled.

“Shut up Kusanagi!! And follow me.” Iori growled while making his way out the broken subway door.

Kyo stood up and began to follow Iori. He looked back at Alex who was bleeding a bit from his arm.

“You going to be ok Aex?”

“Yeah…this isn’t anything.” Alex said with a dry smile. “You think you are going to be ok with him?”

Kyo looked at Iori who was walking into the dark subway tunnel. He had his hands in his trenchoat pockets and his head was down.

“Yeah. I think I’ll be ok. Knowing Iori, if he wanted to fight me, he would have done so. But I don’t think that’s what he wants.” Kyo then walked out of the subway and ran to catch up with Iori. Alex, just sat down on the floor of the train.

“Always one to make a entrance huh Iori?” Kyo asked with a dry smile.

“That’s how I like things.” Iori said sternly.

“So Yagami. Mind telling me why we are standing here in a subway in New York City and not fighting?”

Suddenly Iori grabbed Kyo by the neck and slammed his head into the steel wall and began squeezing.

“Uhhhh!!” Kyo moaned.

“Listen to me because I am NOT going to repeat myself!!” Iori snarled. “The only reason I am letting you live right now is that I want you totally healthy for this next King of Fighters tournment. I want to be the one that ends your life. NOT ANYONE ELSE!!! DO YOU HEAR ME???”

“…Of course…I can hear you idiot…your fucking…yelling right in…my face…!!!” Kyo gasped. Iori released his grip and Kyo collapsed on the ground.

“I didn’t know where you were after that last battle.” Iori said quietly. “All I wanted to know was wheather or not you were dead or alive. You are going to die by my hand Kusanagi.”

Kyo stood up and leaned against the wall.

“You cough never give up do you? As much as we fight, as much as we hurt each other, you always want to fight me.”

“Your right, Kyo. The only reason I contiue to fight you is because you are my equal. No one else can match my skills but you. That reason and that reason alone is why I respect you as a fighter. But expect nothing less…”

“…That etearnal hate. You will die by my hands yadda yadda yadda.” Kyo interrupted.

“Hmph.” Iori grumbled. “I’m leaving. Oh and Kyo.”


“Are you going to be on a team or by yourself?”

“By myself. Why?”

Iori looked right at Kyo and said, “As strong as I am, in this tournement, I’m the least of your worries. Stay healthy.” With that, Iori walked into the darkness.

Kyo looked puzzled and heard a noise behind him. He turned and saw Alex walking towards him.

“What was that all about?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know.” Kyo replied. “But I think Iori said that he is glad I’m ok in the only way he knew how. And I think he warned me as well.”

“Warned you? Warned you about what?”

“Don’t know. But if it’s a warning from Iori Yagami, then it’s extremely serious.”

cool story!

Rome, Italy

Sitting in a small, dark, empty cafe was a very beautiful woman with long black hair. Her name was Rose and she was looking at tarot cards. Rose had a reputation of being a very powerful psycic who cpuld also read people’s minds. However, she was a nice person who would never hurt anyone on purpose. But as of late, Rose has been extremely troubled. She has been getting visions of something terrible happening in the near future. But she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it is. Looking at her cards, she became puzzled.

“Hmm…” Rose quietly said. “This isn’t right.” Rose held up a card with a purple dragon and another card with Death on it.

“Well…you sure a beautiful.”

A tall and acttractive man with long hair and very clean clothing stood in front of her. Rose paid him no attention. The tall man smiled.

“Quiet huh? Mind if I sit down?”

Rose again ignored him.

“Guess that’s a yes.”

The man tried to sit down but the chair wasn’t there. The man fell down hard on the floor.

“Oww!!” He yelled. “What happened to the chair??”

Rose looked up to the celing and there was the chair floating in the air.

“Robert Garcia, I would have thought better of you. You are a proud fighter who is smart enough NOT to try to approach someone who could read minds.” Rose said quietly.

Robert stood up.

“Hmm…guess you are right.” Robert smiled." Rose…I’ve heard that name before. What brings you to Italy?"

“I live here. There a purpose for this meeting, Mr. Garcia? I am quite busy.”

Rose said while looking at Robert. Her large black eyes seemingly looking into Robert’s soul.

“Or do you want me to find out for myself? I can do that if you wish.” Rose then brought the chair that was floating in the air down.

Robert shook his head.

“Rose…I’ve been fighting in these tournements for almost 10 years. I win some battles and I lose some. I try to alter my fighting style a bit each year. And to no avail.”

Rose sipped her wine.

“I’ll get beat and my master Takuma or my best friend Ryo will take out whoever it is I’m fighting.”

“…And you want me to tell you why you cannot reach that level where you want to go. Is that right Mr. Garcia?”

Robert said nothing.

“Robert, you have to realize that fighting isn’t about proving who is the strongest between you and your opponent. It’s about strenghting your mind and inner self. You cannot expect to win if you do not clear your mind of all inscecurites.”

“I am not inscure!! I have lots of money!! I have a large house in Florence…!!” Robert said with tears in his eyes. Rose had struck a nerve.

Rose sighed. “Robert, listen to me. 'A rich man is just a poor man with money. You have much to learn. But I am not your master. Neither is this Takuma you spoke of. Everyone is their own master. Remember that.”

Rose walked past Robert who was deep with thought. Rose kissed him softly on the cheek.

“You will know what to do soon enough. I feel in…heart…burning…sky…fire…woman…”

Rose collapsed on the ground. Robert held her in his arms.

“Rose!! What’s wrong?”

“Woman…behind…turn…” Rose struggled to catch her words. She then passed out.

Robert turned and saw Mature and Yamazaki standing in the doorway.

“You will have to forgive me Robert.” Mature said. “But I cannot stand a bleeding heart. Rather boring and pointless dribble. Now be a good boy and give us Rose. Or we will be forced to chop you up into neatly filed segments.”

Robert realized that he could do nothing.

Yamazaki walked over to Robert. He picked up Rose and said, “I want you first at the tournment.”

Robert clentched his fists and his body began to glow. The restraunt began to shake. Glasses crashed onto the floor. It seems as though the place was going to collapse on itself.


Robert yelled. A huge fireball began to form in his hands. He then released it at Yamazaki who was walking towards Mature. Neither of which seemed to noticed that a huge fireball was coming their way. Suddenly Yamazaki threw Rose through a window, turned around just as the fireball reached him, and he then hit the fireball right back at Robert. Only this time, it came back faster and more powerful than when Robert formed it. It hit Robert square in the chest and it sent him flying back crashing through a wall.

Mature smiled. “Oops! I’m afraid so Robert dear. Let us leave Ryuji. Our mission is complete.”

Yamazaki walked outside, picked up Rose and walked away.

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