SvC Sprites...


Heres some sprites Ive been animating the past few days. I did not rip these Ive just animated them.

Comments are always welcome but please dont request any. Akuma-End-Pose.gif Akuma-Jump-Hadouken.gif Akuma-Raging-Demon.gif Akuma-Symbol.gif

#2 Bison Medium Punch.gif Bison Taunt.gif Bison Win Pose.gif Bison Walk.gif Bison Psycho Crusher.gif

#3 Chunli Hyper Kick.gif Chunli Taunt.gif Chunli Win Pose.gif

#4 Demitri 1.gif Demitri 2.gif Demitri 3.gif Demitri 4.gif Demitri 5.gif


damn freakin good as hell… wen i grow up i wanna be like u… heh… :smiley:

#6 Genjuro 1.gif Genjuro 2.gif Genjuro 3.gif


This is all Ive done for now, but Im sure there will be more to come.


Yo RHM i’ll be glad to help out if joo want mang :smiley: