SVC Tournament Help

I’m entering my first tournament and I am by no means an expert player but I do plan to enter and have a good time, and learn some things.

The game is SNK vs Capcom:Chaos
The character i’m most comfy playing as is Shiki. Does anybody have any good tips for me. I’m self tought and I do not know any other shiki players. :frowning:
(the only punishing combo I know is f+a,a,a,a,qcb hcf a/c)

Dear misinformed player:

 You should just learn Zero. Do the infinite, win the tournament. 

                       Sincerely, the kugz

One of the Rules is: No boss characters are allowed.
So, I ask: Any tips fpr shiki or going into the tournament?

i think she is like bottom low tier. :o pick terry or iori since there strong and ez to use!:wink:

Just use Chun if secret characters aren’t allowed. She does insane damage off of stupid combos in this game.

There’s also a great FAQ written by our own Buktooth88 that will show you how to do all of her BS: