SVC vio ken av request

I’ve never had an av before and I would really appreciate it if someone made me an animation of violent ken from SVC chaos doing his super move into his exceed on iori with both of them having purple lightsabers in a pitch black background so the dark screen flashes purple everytime violent ken hits iori with the lightsaber also I would like the word OROCHIMAGNUM at the top and the move I want violent ken to do is presented perfectly between seconds 47-54
of the TEAM VOL4 combo vid found at and thx for anyone who actually takes the time to help me out


lol @ this request :stuck_out_tongue:

well no wonder youve never had an ava…

They should be wearing thongs too.

Do you want them 3d while your at it ? Here let me call an SNK programmer.

shit my bad i jus saw a similar av on sum 1 else n i thought i was supposed to be specific(yes i reas the whole noob guide thread) but if not 2 much trouble wud sum1 make me an av with vioken sayin orichimagnum on it c’mon my first request must’ve made sum1 laugh enough to warrent a small favor

yeah sure i got that as long it aint crazy ill make just tell what ya think bout it…
EDIT: you wouldnt to happen have a sprite would you…nvm here it is

my bad the file was a lil big but fixed it though :tup:
go to the user cp settings and go to change avatar.

much thx for the av it looks hot definitely appreciate it

np man if ya ever need one be sure to ask i need the practice anyways… :sweat: :bgrin: