SVC - When It's So Bad It's Good


Drama can be good but in most cases it isn’t, if you don’t like the game move on and don’t spoil the fun for anyone else. We know it’s faults and it’s history so this isn’t a "bash"thread but rather a thread for people who enjoy the game to share strats and discussion on it. Now that we have that clear let’s move on with the thread:


A C Light Punch Hard Punch

B D Light Kick Hard Kick

The game is traditional 2D Design, 8-way movment.


Anywhere cancels can only be used when you are in Maximum mode. They
have two distinct properties. One is that you can cancel almost any
normal attack into a certain special move. The other is that you can
cancel into those moves from certain other special moves.

Let’s look at part of Ryo Sakazaki’s moveslist:

f + A Hyouchuu Wari
f + B Joudan Uke
df + B Gedan Uke

qcf + P * Ko’ou Ken
qcf + K * Mouko Raijin Setsu
qcb + P * Kohou Shippuu Ken
hcb + K * Hien Shippuu Kyaku
f,b,f + P Zanretsu Ken
f,d,df + P * Kohou

The moves with stars (*) next to them are anywhere cancels. You
can cancel into them from just about any normal attack, even if
the attack hasn’t come out yet, has missed entirely, or is not
cancelable. For instance, Ryo’s far standing C isn’t cancelable,
but you could anywhere cancel it into the Ko’ou Ken.

The only exception to this rule is that a mid-air punch, kick, or
command attack must hit or be blocked before it can be anywhere
canceled out of. You can’t miss a jumping attack and then cancel
out of it.

Now look at the bottom of Ryo’s moveslist:

anywhere cancel from Hyouchuu Wari, Kohou Shippuu Ken, (A) Kohou,
© Kohou (1st)

There’s another listing that says “anywhere cancel from.” You can
cancel from them into a move marked with a star. For example, you
could cancel from the 2nd hit of the © Kohou Shippuu Ken into the
Mouko Raijin Setsu. If a move hits more than once, but no hits
are listed, then you can anywhere cancel from it on any hit.

Note that you can’t anywhere cancel a move into itself. Even though
the Kohou is both an anywhere cancel and an "anywhere cancel from"
move, that doesn’t mean you can perform it repeatedly. However, a
combo such as (A) Kohou Shippuu Ken, Kohou, Hien Shippuu Kyaku would
be possible. There is one exception, which is Shiki’s ability to
anywhere cancel her © Tenhourin into the mid-air Tenhourin.

When you perform either type of anywhere cancel, you lose a bit of
power from your Maximum gauge, which is already draining. This causes
Maximum mode to end sooner than it normally would. It also means that
performing a long series of anywhere cancels (such as Kyo doing
Aragami -> Dokugami over and over) will empty the Maximum gauge in a
matter of seconds.

Finally, note that any move with autoguard can be anywhere canceled
out of if you input the command during the autoguard. An example
would be: Kyo’s Aragami -> (autoguard triggers) -> 75 Shiki Kai.

The exception is with Ryo’s “Uke” moves and Hugo’s “Parry” moves.
These can be canceled out of normally if the autoguard is triggered
(they aren’t anywhere cancels). Hugo can anywhere cancel from his
parries into his f + A or f + B command attacks, though.


Autoguard is a nifty little feature that has been a staple of KoF games
for some time now. Basically, your character will automatically "block"
an attack even while performing a move of their own. They don’t go
into a blocking pose–instead a “block mark” appears on the screen, and
after a very brief pause, the move continues.

Like normal blocking, you still take block damage from using autoguard,
and your Guard Crush gauge will go down. However, you can anywhere
cancel out of your autoguard, which is a pretty useful feature. Unlike
normal blocking, autoguard affects only particular areas of the body.
Just because you can autoguard a standing attack doesn’t mean a
crouching attack can be guarded against as well.

Some moves have more autoguard than others. For instance, there is a
brief period of autoguard during Kyo’s Aragami, on his arm. However,
during Dan’s Kyuukyoku Tenchi Gadou Zuki, his outstretched palm has
autoguard until he strikes, which takes a while.


To block an attack, hold back or down-back when your opponent attacks
you. Holding back blocks “high” attacks, such as most standing moves,
crouching punches, jumping attacks, and overheads. Holding down-back
blocks “low” attacks, such as crouching kicks, slides, and sweeps.

When you block an attack, your character goes into “block stun,” which
prevents them from reacting for a brief moment. However, a benefit of
this is that throws and some unblockable moves (i.e. Otoko Michi,
Midnight Bliss) will not connect while you are in block stun. The only
two exceptions are Serious Mr. Karate’s Chou Ryuuko Ranbu and Shin
Gouki’s Shungoku Satsu (yes, normal Gouki’s will miss while this one
does not, for some reason).

Blocking too much contributes to loss of guard power and eventual
"Guard Crush," which is explained in a seperate section.


You can cancel into special move throws in SvC, even for the Capcom
characters. I’ve made a short list of throws that actually combo when
canceled into, as opposed to those that don’t.

Crazy Iori Kuzukaze
Chun-Li (Tenshin Enbu will miss.)
Genjuro Gekka Zan
Geese Rashoumon
Hugo Ultra Throw, Moonsault Press, Gigas Breaker
(Meat Squasher will miss.)
Iori (Kuzukaze will miss.)
Kasumi Tatsumaki Souda
Mars People Roswell Vanish
Tabasa As Sent Proof, Meteor Fall
Shiki Mumyou

See each character’s listing for a chart of which attacks are


There have been a number of complaints about inputting charge commands
in this game. The argument goes that you have to input the command
exactly or the move won’t come out. This creates a problem if you’re
charging db and want to use a “charge d,u” or “charge b,f” move.

A contributor suggests inputting the original command even if you’ve
already charged up. So, for Terry’s Rising Tackle, you’d perform it
as (charge db,d,u + P) instead of (charge db,u + P). By incorporating
the original command (which is charge d,u + P), the move may come out
more often.

“me ^_^” had some interesting observations that I figured I’d quote:

“Also, as a side note, some people are saying that the Guile charge
motion may be corrected on some versions of the board. At the arcade
I play at, it seems to work from a db charge, but it does seem to
need a straight up to execute. I don’t know for sure since the
joysticks are at an angle, and I still have a hell of a time to get
the move off consistently on that machine. The version of the board
my arcade uses also seems to have the changed damage of Ryu’s Shin
Shouryuu Ken. On some machines, people are saying that the move
only does a third of one bar of damage. On the machine at my arcade,
it seems to do about the same damage as everyone else’s Exceed –
about one full bar. I’m not sure about the accuracy of this
paragraph. It’s just me comparing notes to things I’ve read.”


Counter hits occur when you strike your opponent as they’re making an
attack (namely a command attack, special move, super move or Exceed).
You’ll get a “Counter” message, and your attack will do more damage.
Some moves hit twice on a counter hit, like Choi’s (B) Hien Zan.

Also, if a move counter hits an opponent who could not normally be
juggled, they can now be juggled. For example, Mars People’s Slide
Head move is a knockdown attack. If you anywhere cancel into the
Area 801, it will miss. If the Slide Head counter hits, though, the
Area 801 will combo.


The “f,f” frontstep (aka dash) can be canceled into a jump, throw,
command attack, special move, super move, or Exceed. You can even put
a dash into a move command and it will still come out. This applies
to both the normal f,f dash and the guard cancel f,f dash. Some
examples of how this works include:

f,f + B Inazuma Kakato Wari
hcf,f + B Kama Barai Geri
f,hcb + K Ultra Throw
f,f,b,f + P Zanretsu Ken
A,A,f,f,B,C Shungoku Satsu
f,f,hcf + P Haou Shikou Ken
f,f,d,df + K Power Dunk
qcf,f,qcf + P Shinkuu Hadou Ken
qcb,f,f + BC Rising Beat
qcb,hcf,f + BD Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi
hcf,f,hcf + P Not Independence
hcb,f,hcb + P Yamidoukoku
Charge b,f,f,b,f + K Scarlet Mirage
qcf,f,df,d,db,b + AC Shingan Kazura Otoshi

Note that you can’t combine a dash with a (charge b,f) move, so doing
something like (charge b,f,f + P) for Guile’s Sonic Boom would be
impossible. Of course, there always has to be an exception, and in
this case, M. Bison can add a dash to either his Dash Straight or
Dash Upper by inputting (charge b,f,f + P / K).

Although the backstep is not cancelable, it, too, can be added to the
middle of a command, such as performing (hcb,b,hcb + P) for Gouki’s
Messatsu Gou Hadou. This isn’t really that effective, though, as
some character’s backsteps last too long to incorporate a move


Exceeds are like super moves, but they do NOT cost any levels to use,
nor do you have to be in Maximum Mode to use them. The only requirement
is that your name must be flashing. This occurs, when you lose your
first life bar (the yellow one), and only the red one is left.

The major catch with Exceeds is that you can only perform them once per
battle. That means that if you use an Exceed in Round 1, you cannot use
it in any other round.


The Groove Power Gauge starts off at Level 1 at the beginning of each
battle. It fills up as the following things occur:

  • You take damage (from anything but normal throws).
  • You perform a special move.
  • You make an attack that hits (excluding supers or Exceeds).
  • You make an attack that’s blocked (excluding supers or Exceeds).
  • Your opponent taunts you (this gives you 0.25 of a level).

You do not earn power for connecting with normal throws, supers, or
Exceeds. You do not earn power for using a throw escape, either.

The Groove Power Gauge will drain when the following things occur:

  • You use an AB or CD throw that misses (costs 0.25 levels)
  • You use the f,f Guard Cancel Frontstep (costs 0.20 levels)
  • You use the BC Guard Cancel Frontstep (costs 0.60 levels)
  • You use the CD Guard Cancel Attack (costs 1.00 levels)
  • You use a Super move (costs 1.00 levels)

The amount listed for each move is approximate, not exact. Since
you can make missed throw attempts even without gauge energy, a
missed throw attempt in fact drains anything up to 0.25 total.

Once your Power Gauge reaches Level 3, it will automatically read
MAXIMUM, and you will be put into Maximum mode. See the section on
Maximum mode for more information.

It should be mentioned that although it’s called the “Groove Power
Gauge,” there are no “Grooves” in this game (as there are in CvS2).


To perform the Guard Cancel Attack, press CD while you are blocking
against your opponent’s attack. It costs 1.00 levels to do this.
When performed, your character does a preset attack that knocks an
opponent across the screen and onto their back. It does no damage,
but it will add 50% to your Guard Crush gauge. You can anywhere
cancel out of a Guard Cancel Attack if it hits or is blocked.


There are two ways to perform the Guard Cancel Frontstep. You can
either tap f,f while blocking, or else press BC while blocking.
Although it costs more power to use the BC version, this has the
obvious benefits of being easier to perform and leaving the joystick
free for you to input a command (such as a charge move, although
you can still perform b,f,b,f charge moves from the f,f GCFS–see
the section on dash canceling, above).

Although you are invincible during the beginning of the GCFS, you
lose that invincibility as he GCFS ends, or the moment you input
any command that would cancel the GCFS. After all, it is just
like a normal dash, so you can cancel it into other commands (like
a high jump or a special move).


This is a small green bar located beneath your Life Gauge. It will
drain as you block attacks. When it is completely empty, the message
"Guard Crash!" will appear onscreen, and your character will reel back
for a moment, giving your opponent a chance to get a free hit. After
getting GC’d, though, your GC Gauge will go back to 100%, so you don’t
have to worry about getting GC’d repeatedly.

The GC Gauge will refill over time if you do not block attacks. You
can also use the Guard Cancel Attack to add 50% to the gauge.


When your Power Gauge reaches Level 3, you will go into Maximum Mode.
When this happens, the gauge reads “MAXIMUM” and flashes red and white.
It also begins to slowly drain.

The Maximum Gauge actually works a lot like your normal Power Gauge.
If you perform any move that drains gauge power (like a Super move,
or a Guard Cancel Attack, or a missed throw attempt), the gauge will
drain, However, it’s actually more expensive to use "gauge power"
moves in Maximum mode than it does normally. For instance:

  • An almost full Power Gauge nets you two Super moves with almost
    a whole level of energy left.
  • If you do two Super moves immediately after your Maximum Gauge
    starts, you’ll be left with about half a level of energy.

The same applies to other moves, like the GCFS and missed throw
attempts. They’re slightly more expensive to use in Maximum Mode.

However, there are two really nice benefits to the Maximum Gauge.
One is that you can use a move that costs gauge power even if you
don’t have enough power left! So in our above example, you could
still perform a third Super move even with just the tiny bit of
remaining power. Obviously the Maximum Gauge will revert to normal

Which brings us to the next point. Once the gauge is empty, it fills
back up to Level 2, and then you have to earn gauge power normally.
If you refill it to Level 3, you’ll go back into Maximum Mode.

There are two other features of Maximum Mode; you can use anywhere
cancels and super cancels during this time. These are explained in
seperate sections.


A super cancel is when you cancel a certain move into a Super move
or Exceed. You can only do this while in Maximum mode, and only certain
moves can be used as super cancels. Note that while you still lose
power if you super cancel into a Super move, the cancel itself doesn’t
cost any power to use (unlike an anywhere cancel).

For example, here’s part of Ryo’s moveslist again:

super cancel Kohou Shippuu Ken, (A) Kohou, © Kohou (1st)

Any of these moves can be supercanceled into his supers, which are
the Haou Shoukou Ken, Ryuuko Ranbu, and his Exceed, the Tenchi Haou



Super moves are only usable when you have at least one level of power,
or when you are in Maximum Mode. What some players may find odd is
that some super moves do more hits and damage depending on the buttons
used, while others don’t. This is probably most unfamiliar to Capcom
fans who are used to the “one level equals a certain strength” formula
used in many of the SF games.

So why use a weaker version of a move as long as it costs the same
amount as the stronger version? Beats me.

[ BUTTON PRESS MOVES ] ------------------------------------------------

In previous games, you could cancel “button press” moves (like Gouki’s
Shungoku Satsu or Demitri’s Midnight Pleasure) from any attack, even
uncancelable ones. Now it seems as if they will only cancel out of
certain attacks, such as:

Dan standing A, stand near C, stand far C, crouching C
Demitri near B
(Shin) Gouki standing B
Zero standing B

The most obvious example of how this affects the game is with Demitri,
since his far standing B occurs naturally if you perform his button
press super from afar, preventing the move from coming out unless you
delay the last D press or press it again.

An alternative method to get around this is to get into another state,
such as during a jump, backstep, or attack. Then, begin the presses
so that they coincide with the return to your neutral state.

SVC Threads





High level footage or deep discussion on the game is hard to come by, plz contribute and get in as much info as possible. Alright guys that should do to get things started, keep it civil and let’s have a good time.


Credit to Kao Megura and his awesome info.

The SVC Chaos Thread?
Did anyone actually play SVC chaos?

No, no, no…no. EVO, don’t do this. At least make this in the KOF section, damn.

BTW that stuff is copied verbatim from Kao Megura’s FAQ so I hope you credited him.

And don’t link that stupid thread; it doesn’t help at all.


I know, a bold move but if it gets to messy we can move it…let’s just test the waters and see how it takes.


At least remove the links to romfinite’s dumb thread.

I’ll link some matches.


The sad thing is, as much as rom infinities thread turned out to be BS there was decent info and links in the thread lol. Info on this game is nearly impossible so I had to take the good with the bad…even if the bad overwhealms the good lol.


Then just post the good info and links here. Did you ever consider that?

Seriously this a waste of time; you’ll get nowhere making this thread here and you know how I know? Because everytime someone else made a SvC thread in the past it turned to shit and either got closed or mercifully pushed to the archives.

Put it in the KOF subforum where positive contributions are more likely.


Yeah i suppose you are right, I had some childish idea that it might work out this time but the more I think about it…it will turn ugly lol. I’ll get it moved right away, good plan mate.


Ya know what? Everyone loves to hate on this game, but I thought it was a lot of fun! In fact, to be honest, I think there’s WAY more dumb shit in SF4 than there is in this game. Fuck the haters. SvC is a fun game!


Come on, a dedicated thread to an old game with no recent tier list? How long have you been on srk?

Last I remembered though Zero was god tier because of his stupid infinite.


Zero and Geese both have stupid infinites.

Stupid game is fun though. I really liked it.


If people treated this game like every other game and banned all the retarded boss unlockable characters, Zero, Geese, etc wouldn’t be an issue and wouldn’t ruin the game.


you may check this link out:

System Infos and Chars Infos (with combos)

Here some Casual Matches from Asia (Japan I think) dated 2003:




If you don’t play with any of the hidden characters the game is fun as hell. I usually used Iori or Tessa.


I remember like 1000 years ago when this game was knew some fool was up in the initial thread claiming he was gonna merk everyone with Dan in this game and “show everyone” I don’t think I was a member at the time but shit was pretty funny, does anyone know any actual strats for dan in this game, his moves are animated kinda cool in svc


Don’t listen to Spooty Whiteboy. That is all.

You know there’s one thing worse than people who flame the game, and that’s people who talk about the game and don’t know what they’re talking about.

Seriously, if you don’t know what you’re talking about than just ask questions, or don’t say anything at all.

Moar links:

  • [media=youtube]A7RFtEz0ZWY[/media]
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Charles who now?


i’ve heard from some people that have played the game and well i have seen some vids of how zero was that way. most of the secret cast was broken which most already know anyway. Even though this game has its issues its still fun and i’ve enjoy it more than capcom’s first attempt at cvs. if snk gives it another shot i’m sure they can get it right:bgrin:


It might help to link those vids or tell us who these “people” are you’ve spoken to.

Yeah, I’m asking because I know you can’t provide them.

You’re right though a lot of the characters are strong and the game has a lot of issues. Problem is, a lot of people don’t REALLY know what those issues are; they just say they do and your post is no exception. I agree a remixed SvC would be a lot better though and I’d say its def better than CvS1.


ha your a slick one aren’t you lol. i’m sure i could find them given time but then you’d probably say they aren’t credible are something then begins a heated argurement were neither of us gets anywhere, so i’ll just save my time and yours.

Well there wasn’t to big of a scene for most to go on so the only thing you could rely on was tier listings. With the tiers that do excist zero is one of the top along with geese and from the time i did play i could tell that geese was a broken pile of crap.


If you ask me. The Guard Cancel Dash is what breaks the game more than anything else. And most of the cast can be very stupid, not just the hidden characters.

But I was told not to listen to me…