SVC - When It's So Bad It's Good


GCFS -> command throw is pretty good for her in this game. She can do combos to Reverie Sword after a connected ghost too. Or maybe do another command grab and try for the ghost again.

O. Iori does have a little less health than the normal one iirc. Dies faster to Exceeds… but yes. iirc he is kinda immune to GCFS because of his speed, and ability to change the timing on his rekkas.

The two Iori’s have different Max Mode combos too, and some different moves (such as regular Iori having the KOF 2002 follow-up to his Ya Otome).


Recent-ish match vids


Mute in case of loud sound or ambient karaoke noises. :lol:

Playlist for these vids and more:


Found and friended this guy on YT, some decent new-ish match vids.





thanks nice vids


I found quite a few vids of me and my friends on an old hard drive, once I get some time I will upload them. I miss Shiki…


Recent-ish online match vids from here:


i always watch reillys channel for some good svc matches.miss playing this game.Violent ken ftw


Those were some good matches.



Last casuals from here, arcade has become old and busted, and the players have most likely moved on to Tekken/SF4/KOF 13. I hope the controls can still be salvaged. :sad: These next vids also build the case against mercy rounds in casuals, even if he’s your bff or something. It’s just a waste. :lol:

As usual, loud karaoke, you might want to watch on mute. Gonna label these later.












Glad my thread is still around:)


Athena banned? Yeah, I guess since she is a boss character. But I never thought she was that great to begin with. I recall playing alot of them on XBL a long time ago. Yes, her moves have alot of priority, alot of invincibility and she can zone pretty well with the lion fireball. However, her moves were pretty gimmicky as well

Bow of Judgement - unblockable yes for good damage BUT you can just duck under it
Mermaid tail - block it and you get a free combo on her
Bird peck thing Hammer drop - hold up and stay jumping, this move can only hit if you are on the ground or just block low (the bird) and then block high (the hammer drop) and punish her. Plus, I’ve seen ppl hit her out of the hammer drop.
Exceed - rarely used, but if blocked free combo on her.

Her moves have so much start-up you saw them a month away so you could block correctly and punish them accordingly. Plus, most players just sucked they want to zone. Get up next to them they don’t know what to do! Normals? pokes? combos? what are those??? Sure she’s far from balanced with all the bullshit invincibility but she’s very beatable.


Hehe, this thread is fun. Game did suck but it was fun. These were my two characters and yeah they did suck.

For Bison it was Head Stomps all day, quick, fast charge and enough priority to connect as counter hits, where then you could juggle someone afterwards if it hits as a counter on an airborne opponent in the corner with a Super Psycho Crusher, multiple ones. Yeah his Psycho Crusher and Knee Press were just ugh. They both do the same thing, same damage the only difference is you can combo Psycho Crusher from a light. SO why bother with knee press. Then there was his Bison Warp. You could use it sometimes as a GCFS counter, but normally the recovery on it sucked like hell. And MAX Mode gave him nothing to work with. Except cancelling unsafe normals into a Bison Warp or Head Press. Only thing he had going for him was his Super Psycho Crusher cross-up. Hit an opponent with a Super Psycho Crusher, you can time it to hit them with the tail end of another one as they wake-up. Did good damage but after a while you could become predictable. While Knee Press Nightmare, what a waste! Can’t combo from lights, can’t do the cross-up thing and did the same damage, Again, what is the point. Though his exceed was good for punishing fireball spammers or anti-air though ya had to be psychic.

Vega felt so slow and stiff in this game compared to all the SFs. His wall dives sucked. Flip Kick wasn’t too bad and his MAX Mode Claw Roll, xx, Flip Kick was cool. Don’t bother with wall dive super unless you want to waste meter. Apparently SNK took a page out of the Alpha book on this super rather than ST. Flip Kick super was decent. His exceed had no range and crap hitbox.

Though both characters could GCFS to super, the normal way (f, f) w/o losing a charge which was pretty nice. Ppl not familiar with the characters usually lost out to that since who woulda thought you can dash up and do a charge super.


Is there any new tournament footage of this game.


Oh man I used to play this game religiously in spring 2004.

I love doing the max combos for Iori, Kyo and Geese


Hey everyone I just found this thread and saw its been inactive for awhile so hoepfully we can get a little more action going on now.

I just started playing SVC on Fightcade a few months ago and in spite of the game’s flaws j really do enjoy it. I wanted to know if anyone here still plays or would be interested in running games. SVC isn’t the most popular game on Fightcade so I really like to develop a community for it somehow. I guess the best place to start is here.

My name on Fightcade is ultros and I use ryu,kyo,ryo,dan,hugo and genjuro.


is it me or is every fighting game ever made always rushed? why cant they ever just fucken take there time ud think theyd have learnt after all of sf2s updates that we take our time and develop the game nowadays patches are easy to do but back when games were hard copies u only got 1 shot


Hey is anyone here willing to play some games online, maybe even have a league with online tournaments in fightcade.