SVGL $1.00 Tournaments 1.31.09 CVS2-T6-SFIII:3s


2.21.08 $1.00 Tourneys Double* Elimination (???) - To be announced
2.28.09 $2.00 “Winter Brawl” Double Elimination (2 out of 3)

Every First 3 Saturdays Of The Month From Now On We Will Be Having
$1.00 Tournaments for the following games:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
*Street Fighter IV (IF we ever get it, we do NOT have it yet)

$1.00 Entry Fee
Double Elimination
2 Out Of 3 (FINALS ONLY!)
Winner Takes all
*Note - If we do not have at least 8 people show we will do a Round Robin where everyone plays everyone and the player who wins the most matches will be crowned champion. Hopefully we won’t have to do this :china:

Sign Ups will start at 3:00PM
Tourneys Will Start like this:

SFIII: 3rd Strike starts @ 9:00PM

Address to SunnyVale Golf Land is:
855 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Don’t think “oh, the same people will win every time why would I even bother showing up I will just lose”. If you think like that, then you are right and have already lost. :lame:

But if you are thinking more along the lines of, “Why not, its only a buck what have I got to lose? I can use this opportunity to level up and make a few friends while Im at it.” then we WELCOME you and would be glad to teach you some stuff.

PM me your name and let me know if you will be coming (Or just show up like most people will do anyways, it’s all good) . I will try to update the thread thoughout the week as I confirm who will be attending for sure. Thanks for looking and hope to see you there!

(Link To FEB Tourney )

i want to go to norcal.

You need to come up son… you commin for Yuukis yoyo tourney in May before Japan right??

Guys that came last time but didn’t say anything:

Say something. Being quiet and not asking questions doesn’t get you too far. Ask questions, even if it’s something simple like ‘How do I play this matchup?’ Most of the regulars will answer to the best of their ability, and you’ll probably start up some other convo. Fun fun.

Also let’s have a theme tourney sometime. All ryus/duds/akumas/whatever. Or shit like you play your opponents character. Ahaha.

A theme tourney like that would be awesome.

I remember hearing somewhere that they had a Ken only tournament in Japan after SBO that was really popular. I can imagine a lot of people being interested in something like that, granted it’s not all Chun.

All Sean would be fucking hype though.

dud/ryu, ken/mak, hugo/yun, dud/yurian, or just good old ken/ken tourney.

man you racist or something?!? get marvel up there

I want a 5 v 5 all ken vs chun team battle!

lol all the marvel heads workin or in school… Confirm that at least 8 people will show and we will run that shit all day i aint trippin. Marvel was my first game back in 01.

(Thc requests a private round robin with me, ricky, rom, mami, thc, kin3tix, jimmy& sebastian)

And Rom is right, new guys gotta talk to us more, you can learn so much from us! Take advantage of it.

Ok so you guys really down for a character themed tourney? Seems like everyone is down, how do we determine the character? Random select from a hat before the tourney?

well our 1 game, single elim tourney should be over really fast… so afterwards we have time to decide what to do. we could just run a random teams 2v2, a 10v10, a dud/ryu, a jimmy vs all, or whatever event everyone who is there at the time wants.

i vote for a 7 vs 7, ken v ken tourney. each person on the team has to play a different color ken.

Sean v Remy!

ok…Ill leave…

theres gona be one on 2/14 valentines day?
best be playing arcana heart on that day

y not have a 2v2 where the good players pick up a new players!!

No one gives a fuck about Valentines day son. SF:III>Women, All day :rolleyes:.
EDIT: DOUBLE ELIM, 1 MATCH, Starts at 9.

ROM: When to do the Character themed Tourney? I’m thinking
1st Saturday of the month: Character Themed
2nd Saturday of the month: 2v2
3rd Sat: 5v5???

Let me know what you guys think. :confused:

just do singles doubles and 5v5 I think character theme will keep people from playing, thats just what i think though.

All SA2 Makoto is obviously the way to go.

I wanna dash-in abare like Mami.


maybe we can do gachi battles. challenge to a rival.

100% best idea yet.

Man I wanna go to the team tourney. I had a partner lined up, but he had to bail because of schoolwork. I need to find someone before 3pm tomorrow.