SVGL 12-28-02 Quick Results


1st - Peter “Combofiend” Rosas
2nd - Saif "ID"
3rd - ?

1st - Peter “Combofiend” Rosas
2nd - Randy “Nanoboi” Lew
3rd - Steven “cableguy86” Gonzalez
4th - Chris “Anvrin” Yun

SF3 3S
1st - John “ChoiBoy” Choi
2nd - Peter “Combofiend” Rosas"
3rd - Christian
4th - Shogo

1st - John “ChoiBoy” Choi
2nd - Campbell “buktooth88” Tran
3rd - Jason “xrolento” Nelson
4th - Peter “Combofiend” Rosas



  1. COMBOFIEND (Peter)
  2. ID (Saif)
  3. Jose
  4. Romel


whoever farted during my matches need to get shot :mad:


was shogo that necro user?



Hey guys :slight_smile: Me and the rest of the guys at Team Family Fun had a great time up there…it was our first time in Sunnyvale Golfland :smiley: Good luck to Peter in the Army!..and yes I was the Necro player :wink:


woah, sunnyvale is far! how many entered the 3s tourney?


that was my first time in sunnyvale and i thought it was an awesome arcade! Thanks for having us and thanks for a great tournament. it felt really different and was really fun playing norcal CvS2 comp :slight_smile:

and we’re gonna miss you peter, good luck in the army! keep your orifices protected yo


the socal ggxx players had some tite stuff, and it was cool to meet some of you guys…

damn, i think i’d better learn some other char besides anji now, hehe. some other chars had such cool stuff i wanna try.


Hey what’s up guys! this is Jose (the potemkin guy). I really had lots of fun in the tournament up in sunnyvale! everyone was cool and the competition was intense. i hope we get more tourneys like that soon. Peter, thanx for granting me my “favor” man, I owe ya one! hehehe. You’ll be missed, hope u get stationed in japan like u wanted =P stay cool and keep it real always. PEace!


Congratulations to all top finishers. What teams/characters were used?

  • Geronimo



yea it was fun! weather was pretty bad …coming from san fransico!! wish i did better in third strike though…i was using dudley, ken,ryu and akuma…i won 5 bucks for third…:bluu: oh well…the sticks for third strike werent really good, but i heard northcali players dont like third strike…forshame…

SVGL is pretty cool:D


Next time hopefully I won’t have to wait up till 5:00am until SoCal people arrive (crackpron and godden) so I can actually be awake for the tournament. 2 hours of sleep in 2 days didn’t really help. I didn’t think it would matter as much as it did but I couldn’t even remember what to do mid-match lol. Some good players there at the tournament.




man, that should have been me at 4th place. damn u! :mad:



the tournament was kool. who enters in the results for apex. i would like to finish off some of those names in the mvc2 results. peace


Good job to all the players!!Hey who did Nelson lose to in CVS?My west coast hero right there,gotta know whats up…:cool: …Oh yeah Ive made a new years resoulution to get out to Cali for the first time sometime next year.Ricky is great comp. but I’d really like to meet the rest of the players there so till then laterz!!!


whens the next major sunnyvale tournament? :smiley:



i think there was about 11-16 people in the third strike tourney vic…


thanks christian…

I was also wondering if any of my buddies entered from nocal… Tien, Man, eric… ??? u guys enter?


more then that, there was 17-18 people on 3S
that’s what i saw on the sign-up sheet


fiendish results :evil: good way to go out peter, good shit from choi for winnin two tournies as well. top 4 in every tourny including winning two of them isnt bad at all :cool: