SVGL 12-28-02 Quick Results


:lol: Good shit guys. Must have been intense. Vic, Pyro wasup man start making the trips to Sunnyvalle. I would like to see if fools could beat you guys.



Lol, just like i thought, as soon as choi wins they do apex…losers:lame:


I love john choi! Dont speak about him like that xrolento! When he came to japan we had the best time together. You are the loser


No, i don’t think you understand, everytime Choi doesn’t win, there’s no apex results.



i guess thier was more people in the 3S tourney mr happyface…well…thats good news for me! hehe…oh and when is the next sunnyvale tourney as sirhenk mentioned? any time soon/??


Ok, i dunno what to say here. I am the loser but at least im not a fag!:lol: Damn choi, i was just fuckin around, i didnt mean for someone to come out of the closet!:lol: OMG


sup vic

Yo, congrats on winning the 3s tourney in so cal, i wasnt present at the tournament but eric was. I dunno whether tien showed up our not though. But eric (xaero) did.