SVGL 3RD Strike (need clarifications)

… ok, I was going to put the results in for 3S at SVGL, but I don’t have people’s last name / nickname.

Who is Joe?
Who is Phil?
Who is Huy?
Who is Wei?
Who is David?
Who is the other Simon (not Naps)?

Last name + nickname would help a lot. Thanks.


joe le is (gameradio)

phil is um…phil?

huy is me (confuzsion)

wei i believe is bowwow 2000 or sumshit i dunno

i donl’t know simon or david…

huy, i think he was asking for the people’s last name as well as their tags/nicknames to input into APEX.

i think the other simon you’re talking about it Simon “sim0n” Robertson.

joe le “gameradio”

huy pham “confuzsion”

philip a. (i think)

Wei-Lii Tan

don’t know the rest

David is David Cantrell and he goes by “Scamp” on Shoryuken.

He’s kind of a scrubby GGXX and 3s player.

any chance of getting the results before they go on APEX? Just wondering how things stacked up after I left.

1st ricky O.

2nd john choi

3rd joe le

4th campbell’

5th nelson i think

the rest i dont know…

ok i don’t feel so bad about being beaten by Ricky and then Joe :slight_smile: