SVGL 3rd Strike Tournament Results [Sat.Jan.24th]

1st - Jimmy aka Emphy aka Mr. Naps
2nd - Ricky Ortiz
3rd - Mami aka Makoto Mike
4th - Rommel aka de4deye
5th - THChardcore
5th - Kin3tix
7th - Sebastian aka ThyAllMighty
7th - LB
9th - Jon Garcia
9th - Venkat aka Ringopan
9th - William aka Willpower
9th - Lyle
10th - Bart
10th - Money Mike
10th - Mr. Parker
10th - Peter
11th - Jon. T (DAT Kuma)
11th - Eric
11th - Starkilled
11th - LordXblade
DQ - ( Next time don’t leave untill you’ve played all of your matches LOL)

Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting The tourney. I’d especially like to thank Bart, eric, peter, starkilled, and LordXblade for coming. You guys competed with norcals best so don’t think you guys did bad, you all played very well. Practice makes perfect, I hope to see you all at the next tourney. Check the tournaments & events threads for the next one. Will most likey be at the end of Feb and also be a 2v2. Find a partner and practice up!

good shit


RINGOPAN <3 Whales

WHALES <3 mattxchin

garcia, did the svgl manager really say they are installing jap sticks for 3s? that would be pretty cool.

thc: good job blocking that midscreen dash shoryu. i lost my will to play after you blocked that. i thought it would hit 100% for sure.

maybe we can run weekly 1 game, single elimination tournies. seems like more noobs may be attracted to that format (like me), and it just runs faster and is more exciting to play/watch. i got bored watching 2 outta 3 this tournament and left early. we can use the 2/3, double elimination format for the more serious monthlys.


I agree 100%. It forces people to play really sick and BALLS OUT. Like me walking through Jack in the Box drive through last week.

PS: I want to do that dash shoryu but I know it wont hit because its coming from me. :frowning: I still have a long way to go before I am as HONEST. :(:lovin:

even though i’m not dat madden…

Ron asked me about it, whether it will happen idk…

Totally! Sorry I couldn’t make it, had a lot of last minute school shit to do:sweat: Next time for sure.

they didn’t say anything about having Japanese sticks installed but we can have them do it for us if we ask them. And we can do a weekly dollar tourney… How you guys wanna run it? Single elim 1 match??? LOL

word. finish the tourney in like 45 mins, then go eat at 99 chicken. :coffee:

Or it’ll make people play conservative as fuck because that’s how norcal is.

Regardless, we should have weekly 1$ tourney’s that are character themed, like all duds, ryus, oros, etc…

ron told me one time that he wondered if putting jap sticks on 3s would be better for everyone. If everyone were to sell him on the idea i bet he would look into it more.

99 chicken… i want you so bad.

If thats the case consider it done… I’ve known the guy so long he’d do it for us. :wgrin:

ROFL i dont know why i bothered to enter. a friend from fresno and i dropped by svgl just because we hadnt been there for years and i was persuaded to enter the tourney. i figured i can eat the cost of a bart ticket so why not.

it was good to see indian sylar there.

<3 norcal.