SVGL 6/26 results


1st: Campbell “<3 little girls” Tran - Hella N-groove teams with some combination of Yuri/Vice/Maki/Joe/Iori/Chun/Hibiki
2nd: Van “VAN DIESEL” Huynh - K-CBS, C-something/Chun/Sagat
3rd: Kim Hahn “BlockBUSTA” Hoang - C-Sagat/Rolento/Blanka
4th: Eric “<3 SVGL sticks” Choi - A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison

Special guest Eric Choi in town, and apparently he has major issues with the CvS2 sticks here. Kim was waiting in the loser’s finals, but he had to go to work so he took 3rd place and took off. Loser’s semifinals were between VAN DIESEL and E.Choi, with E.Choi missing hella shit, getting really pissed and just having a real good time overall. Van wins and goes straight to the finals since Kim took off.


1st: Alex I Still Can’t Remember His Last Name - Mag/Storm/Sent-A (I think?)
2nd: Eric Choi - Storm/Sent/Capcom
3rd: Anthony Leon - MSP
4th: I don’t remember. Was it Chris?

Didn’t watch a whole lot of the tourney, but Alex pretty much stomped everyone in the matches I saw. Sentinel makin everybody munch on boots. Eric Choi gets tricked into entering a winner-take-all MvC2 tourney (which was agreed on by the other players before hand) and has to donate his $3 to Alex.


1st: Eric “jump in parry” Choi - Ken-3
2nd: Campbell “how do I stop jump in parry?” Tran - Chun2
3rd: Venkat “with the crazy long last name” - Makoto1/2
4th: Arun “random Hammer Mountain” Kumar - Hugo3

I didn’t watch much of this tourney at all. Eric Choi beats me up real bad in winners finals, then beats me up real bad in grand finals. Even though the grand final score was 2-1, in the games he won he pretty much dominated me. I think he got two perfects too. Bleh. Stupid game!

Oh, and thanks to phobos and JACalbert for comin out. Always coo to see new faces. Anyway, see yall next week.

you keep jabbing campbell. keep jabbing. :smiley:

Good games to everyone I played… Cali rushes down like mad with Magnus… Needed to stop playing Tron and start playing Cyke. Two people playing Dudley with me showed me some interesting stuff that I’ll have to work on.

Hopefully I’ll make it back tuesday night… the car I was supposed to have down here broke down, so I’m dependant on family for rides. :bluu:

And cosign on the sticks being hella loose, at least to what I’m used to. I adapted pretty fast though.

Alex = TheChunksta

That kid is damn good…been hangin wiith and beating top players in Mvc2 in Nor cal…good shit once again…Congrats to Buk and that nagga Van Diesel!!! Yet another tourney i couldnt make it to.=\ Ne ways good shit guys and it was fun playing everyone on Friday night…Im outty!!!


Thanx B!:smiley: gg to everyone:cool:


Good job bucktooth and chunk!You ever gonna start playin top tiers cambell?
Anyway, shit was fun, I still got a long way to go but I think I’M getting better like every tourney.Lets keep this shit up till Evo!

champbell why didnt u goto mwc