SVGL 7/21/07 mvc2 full results

Mvc2 results

1st crizzle
2nd. Ryan
3rd. RJ
4th. Randy Lew
5th. Chunksta
5th. Sucio
7th. Tharimrattler
7th. Romel
9th. Korngo
9th. Larry S.
9th. WooMighty
9th. Neezy
13th. KillaKelly
13th. Megaman
13th. Lockdown
13th. Tinh
17th. Ringopan
17th. Snake
17th. LB
17th. Robert Lew
17th. Artel
17th. Som
17th. Scrubkiller
17th. Blackheart
25th. Starkill
25th. CHUCKY
25th. Tyram
25th. Tech Master
25th. Patrick
25th. Justin K.
WHOLE time

I do not have the cvs2 results so someone please post them up. gg’s to all iplayed. I ran the KOF XI cab for a sec. that was fun. DDR was hella fun too. OMG fucking marvel is getting serious people.

My boy Crizzle did the damn thing He stayed in winners bracket the WHOLE time and just was on FIRE. he trained for like 36 hours for this tourney and it payed off in the end. In the word’s of Crizzle “MSP CAN DO IT!”

See everyone at evo WEST!!!

good shit randy and crizzle


good shit dukeeee

good shit lb you won a match!

Taken from Leezy.


Wiz - "Itayon"
Mike D./Don Tran keeps on rollin’ - "Kakihara"
Chris Yos/LB?

Once I get a hold of the brackets itself, there will be full results from last to first.

Good stuff, Ricky. This time you’ll get 1st in cvs2 at evo. Kendevu can’t get ya this time :wink:

As for Mvc2… Very unexpected results. But congratz to Crizzle

demon hyo, all of losers was 1 game. that’s why the results may look kinda funky.

crizzle was gonna win it regardless. he’s the FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTURE

Oh that explains it. But Crizzle’s nice though.

best svgl tournament ever

-RJ norcals best kept secret getting 3rd.
-chunk losing to ryan, the phillipines champion
-Chunk losing to randy with his mss, RJ plays his mss right after and dumps on randy L.
-tinh getting a perfect with his thrax.

marvel getting 30+ entrants

<3 see you this weekend!

wow, big turnout. should have bumped the entry fee to $10.

good shit crizzle.


IFC Crizzle!!!

good shit RJ

Korngo WHUT UUUUP!!!


I cant make it cuz of skool =/

but I really hope you win evowest.