SVGL 7-5-2003 Quick Results

1st Eric Choi - Baiken
2nd Ben “tragic” Cureton
3rd David Sirlin - Chipp

1st Ricky Ortiz
2nd Stephen “Cableguy” Gonzalez
3rd Doug Hseia

1st John Choi
2nd Ricky Ortiz
3rd Campbell Tran

1st Hsien Chang
2nd John Choi
3rd Ricky Ortiz

hmmm nice… videos any 1?

tourney was pretty cool
didn’t take too long, but had some good/close matches

there should be a lot of footage (at least for cvs2) because i saw at least two other people besides me recording stuff
i think people were recording mvc2 as well, but i’m not too sure about ggxx and 3s

i guess keep checking the forums for whoever decides to distro them

I bet 3S was off the hook, but I’m bias toward 3S anyway. So who did the top people use? I would assume it was Chang=Akuma, Choi=Ryu, and Ortiz=Chun Li.

omg echoi beat tragic!

it must be the sticks!

What were the teams/characters used for CvS2???

Choi used Ken in 3S. 3S was like an AND1 game. Every super ppl hollerin like it was a dunk.

Cvs2 the first team choi used was GuileChunGat and ricky was SagCamBlanka

I hate chipp

i know wtf was up with all the chips i had to play three of them!no slash for faust:(

vids asap