SVGL 8/18 preEVOWORLD presents, "payback, this time......ITS FOR REAL!"

Svgl is back! Thanks to all of you who attended last event it was a huge success with 24+ players per game! :looney:

Last event had many upsets. These top players will no longer sleep on the underdogs, but consider them as a factor. So they want payback, but this time…


date: 8/18
time: signups @ 1, Tournament starts 2:30pm
Games: TekkenDR, 3s teams, cvs2 teams, MARVELLLL
entry: $5

Those who might be late please state your name and game so we can hold off your matches till you arrive.

I will need volunteer to run games again. Thanks to those who helped last time.


ppl are gonna be at sbo.

YAY!!! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED 3rd tourney for me ftw!!
thank you thank you thank you.


sakujo… REBORN.

Ill be there.

I can run cvs2

dats what im talkinn bout, ima compete in marvel and see where i stand.


Hey yos if you got room lemme roll with ya…

everyone knows drunk korngo runs the best cvs2 tourneys. =)

HIGH and drunk Korngo runs the best cvs2.

Sounds Fun i’ll be There

Mods can we get a sticky icky plz?

yay 1

Weeeeeeee Count me in

I wont be too happy about this…

I thank you for all my losses @ last tourny because of it. please arrive sober.

drunk korngo < drunk yos :tup:

maybe starting at 4:30 is still too late.

why not sooner?

what time will marvel be played?

i agree. All games now starting @ 230