SVGL GGXX (12/21) results

  1. tragic (johnny)
  2. inkblot (bridget)
  3. Buktooth88 (millia)
  4. ed (anji)

Thx to everyone that came, we will have another tournament soon. YAY!


how many people do you usually get for these GGXX tourneys?
I might end up going to college in that general area next year, hopefully you guys are still holding tourneys then…
it would be nice to actually play people who know how to play the game…
but there aren’t any GGX or GGXX machines on the EC…:frowning:

I need a mad trianing on that game. BTW, GGXX fan should pick up the newest Arcadia GGXX stradegy guide. (it comes with a DVD!!)

To Orion_of_Chaos: not alot of people sign up for the tourney, but they all pretty good. we need more promotion I guess.

When we advertise a couple weeks in advance, we usually get about 16-20+. When it’s lik a few days in advance, just the regulars… maybe about 12.


Wow:eek: Tom must have practiced this game a lot. It sounds good you have these tourneys often.:slight_smile:

Hey Kuni!

Yeah, we have weekly tournaments now to practice for SBO qualifiers and for Japan. Tom has been practicing a lot. His Bridget is TOO CHEAP!

We are having another bigger GGXX tournament this Saturday because COMBO FIEND is going to the army for a while and we wanted to throw one last tournament (he also wanted to play the NorCal players anyway).

Hopefully we will get a big turnout for this Saturday.

If anyone is interested:

See you all there!!!

Kuni, see you in Japan!