SVGL May 30 results


Buktooth posting under Gunter’s name. I can’t disable cookies on his computer for some reason. Oh yeah, results MIGHT be added to APEX for once this week since some Salinas guy said he could put the results in for me.

CvS2 (17 people)

  1. Campbell “Buktooth88” Tran
  2. Kim-Hahn “ohayo1234” Hoang
  3. Oliver “Tricky T” Tavas
  4. Jason “xrolento” Nelson

Highlights: Kim beats Nelson FINALLY. Nelson then loses to Oliver in losers. SVGL top players! I almost lose to everybody I played, in every round. My first two matches I won with no life. Again, I pull all kinds of random shit out of my ass to win the finals 2-0. Accidental Hibiki counter into lv3 to win the first game of the finals was pure comedy.

MvC2 (15 people)

  1. Randy “Nanoboi” Lew
  2. Bronson “Insanelee” Tran
  3. Mikey “Broly8934789” Rasphone
  4. Anthony “AnThOnY3” Leon

Highlights: Bronson beats Mikey. Gets 2nd. Is a fob. Gets beat by Randy 3-0. Bad. Kim didn’t fuck up his hand. =(

GGXX (9 people)

  1. Eric “Zim`” Choi
  2. Campbell “Buktooth88” Tran
  3. Randy “Nanoboi” Lew
  4. Dan “Superdan” Chang (I think?)

Highlights: HOW AM I GETTING 2nd??? Didn’t I go 2 and out the last two tourneys? You GGXX players should ashamed of yourselves. Anyway, my matches with Eric Choi usually had me flying around and aird dashing in random directions doing random shit, then I get touched once and I die. I hate Baiken.


buktooth teach me how to play GGXX!:slight_smile:


pat miller got 4th in ggxx. chipp is a beast (except against people who hit hard). and yeah, how did buk get 2nd???


buk got second cuz he didn’t play ME.



i notice the other turneys got APEX’d, but not ggxx. can someone put up the results? eric choi loves APEX points! Especially the points from puny turneys that decay to zero after like one week.

  1. eric choi (baiken)
  2. campbell tran (millia)
  3. randy lew (sol)
  4. pat miller (chip)
  5. dan chang (faust), ed sheem (venom)
  6. tom and tony cannon (bridget and potemkin)
  7. jeff (?) Crowbait (testament)


MSG TheWholeFnShow and he’ll put the results in cause he’s cool like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Har har har! No PM needed. I entered the GGXX results. :cool:

If anyone needs corrections, just send me a message or leave it somewhere in the Pac North forums.

Good job everyone. :slight_smile:


How does jeff play with testament?


Buk coming in second!,bows head in shame for GGXX players
Steve yoo didnt even show up!man i coulda taken that


Not only does Eric Choi love APEX points, he also loves getting them in multiple names. Check out the rankings for Pacific North. Instead of being in first place, Eric Choi is 2nd, 5th, AND 6th. Are they all clones, or does Eric prefer quantity over quality?

In any event, I’m 14th and I should be 12th. Thanks Eric!


I noticed the different Eric Choi’s of Nor Cal. So um…i can change it to be just one Eric Choi if he wants. Or if he wants more Eric Choi, then i’m cool with that. :lol:


i was kidding about eric choi loving apex points, he doesn’t care about them.

i don’t care about them either, they are not an accurate reflection of ranking. according to apex, i am the 4th best GGXX player in Norcal… but in reality, I am the best GGXX player IN THE WORLD. nah, but seriously, i am not the 4th best player in Norcal.


For the record…

Just so I don’t offend mean Eric, I knew that he didn’t care about APEX points. I mean, I never asked him about it but just the fact that there are 3 Eric Chois means he never bothered to get himself to number one by pointing this out to someone.

I mean, according to APEX I’m better than Tragic. Even though he probably hasn’t played in about a month or so he’s still better than I am. So there.


i am best… . in marvel… .

bronson. …


Scamp, yes you rox me! I just started playing again since Japan trip… I’m hella in practice! Next tournament I will make an appearance if only to beat Buktooth’s needlethrowing gayness!!



Hmm… What prompted this change… thinks carefully Anyone who is around so. cal come to Family tournament tomorrow! (Sunday, June 8, 2003)

Choatic Blue


Nothing “prompted” me to start playing hardcore again.

I’ve been studying VF4:EVO for evo2k3. Finally caught up to where I wanted so now it’s time to study more XX. XX is too good! So is VF4EVO.