SVGL MVC2 Tourney 02-07-08

Lets bring back the arcade hype!!! Jon Garcia agreed that if we have enough potential takers for this tournament he will host this thing all day. So every marvel head who wants to come out and show why you are one of norcal’s best, lets see all of norcal’s hidden gems come out to rip it up!!!


sign up starts at noon and tournament begins at 2pm (willing to work around this for those who has work,school,etc)

$2.00 Entry Fee
Double Elimination
2 Out Of 3 (FINALS ONLY!)
Pot Winner 70%, 2nd 20%, and 3rd %10

Address to SunnyVale Golf Land is:
855 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

*svgl is fucked up as speaking, if the sticks aren’t fixed by then mgl sticks are actually working pretty well

I’ll get the sticks fixed hopefully.

I’ll get the cableguy to go too. No one will refuse to money match that guy for a buck.

5 dollars is a little steep for a 1-game tournament. Make it 2 bucks like the other ones.

awwwwwwwwww shizzzzzzzzle a turney at svgl on the 7th if my check comes in time I will be there. got to keep the misses happy with the mulaaaaa or it’s divorce court judge judy style.

svgl sticks are still out of order as we speak, might have to reschedule… or switch sjsu or mgl?

tourney prolly gonna be canceled due to not enough players…

tourny was cancelled but cableguy, chunk, I decided to run a three way first to reach 7 wins. We havent played eachother seriously so we decided to see whos the best as of now with $5 on the line(winner gets $15)

1st Cableguy (msp/Scrub) 7wins
2nd Chunksta (mss/thrax) 4 wins
3rd anthonEEzy (msp, marrow/amingo/ken, thrax) 3 wins

matches were serious. Best part was when cableguy pushblocked chunks guardstring and supered his whole team.

cableguy OCV’ing me with msp 1 game then lauging and saying “My magneto is better”

chunk vs cableguy down to the wire are fun to watch.


Best part of the night was when cableguy said “aite guys, im off to the club and to get me a chucky burger. Peace”

nEEEzy’s amingo made a cha cha comeback on cableguy’s psylocke. All he kept doing was up + Rh with psyblade but missed and fell into the cha cha.


LOL i remember that.

ricky and I just found a way to stop captian commando assist even when hes on the screen. I think i showed woo and chunk?

that’s that cheap stuff. True story.

Word. When is the next mashing session!?

Today @ my house.

Bring mashing-proof sticks. Oh yeah, and make sure they have air vents to clear up the slime…

lol woomighty still trash. guy makes me laugh

cableguys sentinel is ugggghhhh. gdlk

Whine some more, scrub!

lol i knew you were gonna get offended.

p.s. my psylocke beat your whole team, LOLOL FRRAY

Says the guy who bitches about how bad a stick is right in front of the owner of the stick. Good shit. I hope you learned that in chemistry class. I took that shit in high school, good job doing it in college. Yay!

says the guy who lost to my amingo/sent/sonson and hasnt gave me my sourdough jack. yah i said the stick is inconsistant i didnt degrade the owner personally. I know you couldnt tell because all you do is :


that tactic didnt help when my psylocke beat your whole squad by herself.

p.s. wheres my burger you owe me? amingo is asking for it.


Good shit, haha.

When’s the next mashing session!?