SVGL Nov 30th Results

Super Turbo - 10 Participants
1st Jason Nelson
2nd John Choi
3rd Kuni

SFA3 - 12 Participants
1st John Choi
2nd Jason Nelson
3rd Ino

SF3 3S - 13 Participants
1st Ino
2nd John Choi
3rd Jason Cole

CvS2 - 18 Participants
1st Jason Nelson
2nd John Choi
3rd Ino


U old school guys are too good, and good job vs ino

I got rocked in CvS2…playing in So-Cal has made me soft…:frowning:

Hey Ernest-

Don’t you think it’s because you don’t even try when you play? I know you have fun picking your random chars and random grooves, but if you don’t take it seriously what do you expect? Come to freeplay’s on friday where you can get some real competition in CvS2. In other words, don’t blame your play on Socal…

:lol: :lol: :lol:

No seriously, I was really trying in tourney. It’s just Nor-Cal is much better than So-Cal in CvS2 overall. Trust me on that ;).

And for some reason, I am still owned by Kim :frowning: . Lose by the same margin every time too…

What I was trying to say was something that SiN told me. How do you expect to play seriously in a tourney when you never play serious in casual. I know it’s not the same thing but when you take cvs2 less seriously like you have, how are you supposed to play at the top level? I may goof around but I don’t play competitively in tourneys. Just because you don’t have to play at your best, does not mean that you can’t or shouldn’t. I’m sure you were playing seriously in the tourney but you can’t elevate your gameplay and beat the best if you play as you have. Just a thought.

Good job Nelson nice to see you got your cvs2 revenge on Ino.

Damn I wish I coulda been here in the bay for the tourney…was up in Portland owning up with S groove…lol…dammit I missed another chance to battle japan…Oh well there’s alwasy next time…



Ino and Kuni will both be around SVGL on Tuesday night. Ino will be leaving by the end of the week so he wants to battle as many local players as possible. He also wanted to participate in another CvS2 tourney so if there’s a lot of people on Tuesday night, I might organize an informal side tourney. Just a quick single elim tourney. Also, the 7 CD set that Ino has will take lots of time to copy. He will be leaving me in charge to copy and sell them for him so I’ll post about it in a week or two after I get them duplicated.

Interesting…(rubs hands like Mr.Burns)…


sounds sweet. What’s the price going to be? can you copy a few for tuesday? :slight_smile:

OH. GGXX results.

INO (sol, potemkin)
tragic (baiken, faust, potemkin)
Buktooth88 (millia)
Xearo (baiken)

I’ll have another throw-together XX tournament on tuesday as well! WHY NOT!


So what time should we show up at SVGL tomorrow for their to be a GGXX tourney?


Is that 7 cd set going to be sold in cali only, or will out of state peeps like myself be able to place a order?

Once again I won’t make it to SVGL. However I’m heading down they’re tomorrow. Main reason is because my friend Nate just moved down from east coast…actually he got kicked out of the house when he just turned 18 which IMO sucks. So I’m basically dragging him down to SVGL with me since he has never been into an arcade before.

Also I have a date today which is why I’m not going to be able to make it.

Tournament for XX tonight (12.03.02) at about 6:00 pm. I know its a work/school night but since Ino and Kuni are leaving soon and John is having a cvs2 tournament (if enough players show up), XX is on the lineup.


Thanks for sharing… but nobody asked. :lame:

Damn. Just explaining why I couldn’t come and in the end some of ya guys are just flat out evil online. Fine hate all you like…doesn’t make you any better.

Makes me wonder why most of the 707 players have already given up playing in tournaments…

Is anybody using apex anymore? We havnt posted nething since november for svgl.