svgl players


hey i was planning on goin to evo this year, but i wanted to practice with you guys before hand. is anyone willing to let me stay with them in august?


um, I don’t think anyone really plays at SVGL anymore.



SUP HOMIE! I’m sure chunk can let you stay at his pad n get good at marvel in no time. We get pretty deep with the sessions ask korngo.


WASSUP MIKEY R, i miss you bro “SACTOWN SANTHRAX” but yea check your private message. Welcome home!


indeeezy we do. hit up the goonie thread “SEE JAY… YOU SHOULDA WAITED!!” for more info on hardcore marvel practice. =] we usually play at crizzles or chunks. we have cracked out marvel weekends, too. we’re we play marvel from thursday till sunday. yeeeeeeeeeee!


Hi broly. Please post under the SVGL thread instead of making a new thread just to ask a simple question.

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