SVGL Pre-Evo Battle 17th Results

I only know like the top 5 that got in mvc2:

1st: Randy Lew - Sentinel/Cable/Ironman, Cable/Sentinel/capcom
2nd: Ricky Ortiz - MSP
3rd: Steven Gonzales - Sentinel/Cable/Capcom, Storm/Sentinel/Capcom
4th: Chris Schmidt- Santhrax, Row, MSP

THis Tourney was mad fun and hella peeps showed up for marvel:D :cool: Anyway, Good Shit to everyone who placed:D


CvS2 Results
1st Ricky Ortiz A Vega/Sakura/Blanka, K Vega/Sagat/Blanka
2nd John “ChoiBoy” Choi C Ken/Guile/Sagat
3rd Kim-Hahn “ohayo1234” Hoang C Sagat/Rolento/Blanka

3S Results
1st Ricky Ortiz Yun, Chun
2nd John “ChoiBoy” Choi Ken
3rd Eric “Zim” Choi Ken

As per results, the norcal MvC2 team for Evo will be Ricky, Randy, and Steven.

The norcal CvS2 B team will be Eric “Leezy” Lee, Campbell “buktooth88” Tran, and Kim-Hahn “ohayo1234” Hoang.

The norcal CvS2 A team is still finalizing its 3rd member. As of now, it is John Choi and Ricky Ortiz.

good shit mike. too bad you didn’t make team nor cal. but at least you still got a shot @ the team so cal qualifier.

Hey props to Steven…aka cableguy…That foo straight worked hard for his spot…so many close matches it could of gone to anyone.

Hey Choi you should let danielle be on the third spot for your team.It would be a pretty cool crowd pleaser

Good games to everyone that played… games were mad close…

dammit Ricky… one day I’ll overcome my fear of your psylocke… :mad: :frowning:

XX results:
Ricky and Sirlin killing me in casual. =)

It should be Nelson :smiley: he said he was going…


care to elaborate?:smiley:

the funny thing is, when he played his match he didnt realize it was for the last spot. anton didnt even know there was a team norcal spot but it was good games for everyone. with the conditions everyone faced here, a LOT of matches were really close. im hoping to see some vids up.

Best match without a doubt, was Chunksta vs Chris S. Alot of people wanting to see this go down. Good stuff to Fresno for coming. =] Hopefully Fresno can come down again for another SVGL tourney before EVO or afther. Had mad fun chillin’ with you guys.

And I wanna say sorry to the Lew Bros for the mess-up. I couldin’t really read that small writting without my glasses. Once again, sorry for that guys. =(

Fresno was having mad trouble with the sticks, though. =\ Thanks to Anton for suplying me with cigs over and over. =]

Re: Re: SVGL Pre-Evo Battle 17th Results

Only people that were taping matches was my friend, CJ. But even then, we only got the earlier stuff. Not the finals or anything REALLY good 'cause we left mad early.

Only thing worth putting up that we got, was Mikey vs Chris S. money match. Which was 2-3 Mikey, if anybody was wondering.

Sup Alex, dis be anthony here dawg… neways dude, had fun playin you, next time i see u again, we’ll do our lil MSS battle again :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

head out to MGL wit me and Rom and kick it wid us sumtime bro, payce out

just with those two how can they lose?

^ haha seriously.:rolleyes: I’m sure they’ll give Japan a run for their money.

actually thats pretty accurate, i played those two many of times and fuck they are good

A’ight. I’ll try to go there sometime this week, but i cannot go on tuesday or friday. Anyway, peace


i wont be dere til prolly thursday… busy week bro, so hit me up before you go

msg me or sum shit like dat :smiley:

seriously now, i rarely go to svgl tournaments and those marvel matches were off the hinges.


chris i heard what happend in your last match for 3rd place… man u know better and u know u shoulda just killed him… good stuff though, u better show everyone wassup when u come down to so cal for the spot

I wish i coulda made it. Oh well, good job everyone. Congrats to stevie for making the MvC2 team. :slight_smile: