SVGL Pre-Evo Battle MvC2 Results


1st: Chunksta (MSS)
2nd: Combofiend (Sent/mag/IM)
3rd: AnthonEEEzy (MSS, Santhrax)
4th: Potter (Scrub, Santhrax)
5th: Cableguy (Storm/sent/cable, Scrub)
6th: The See Jay (MSP, Santhrax)
6th: Ricky Ortiz (MSP)
7th: Chris Scott (MSP)
7th: Randy Lew (Scrub, Scrubclops)
8th: Mikey Rasphone (Santhrax, Matrix)

Sorry guys, but that’s all i remember for mvc2 results. =[ Good Shit to everyone who participated =].

Good shit Chunk and Potter. I"ll be seeing u soon Peter at PSM and please take me to a good burger spot. I hear Cali burgers own NY burgers FREEEEEEEEEEEEE :wow: .

Where’s my hero Gangheis?

Good shit guys chunk rep that MSS!

how’d mr perfect do?..
oh and good shit Chunk next time its evo!

Thank you all for the props guys :pleased: I really appreciate it. It was a blast at this tourney and next tourney is gonna be EVO, Get ready… FOR Mr. HYPE aka The Smooth Viper aka Erik, 'cause that guy is serious! lol. Alright ya’ll, i’ll see you guys at evo. Peace.


Correct Top-8:

1st. Chunk
2nd. Combofiend
3rd. AntonEEEzy
4th. Potter
5th. See Jay
5th. CableGuy
7th. Randy Lew
7th. Ricky Ortiz
9th. Mikey Rasphone
9th. David M.
9th. Crizzle
9th. Tinh
13th. Andrew
13th. Nyugen? Someone told me this was Magnus02
13th. Ronald Lew
13th. Rommel
17th. Micah?
17th. WooMighty
17th. Nick P.?
17th. Leezy
17th. Garnel?
17th. Dave
17th. Rob. Lew

Editizzle: posted full brackets 'cause hella people told me to. Everything with ‘?’ at the end of the nick, means I don’t know the name or couldin’t read it right.


props to Alex and Anthony. good shit on getting 1st and 3rd.