SVGL Results 6/19


1st. Ricky Ortiz - MSP and Storm/Sent/Commando
2nd. Mikey Rasphone “broly23098302” Storm/Sent/Commando
3rd. AnthonEEEzy - Storm/Sent/Commando
4th. Randy Lew “nanoboi” - Scrub and Row

Crazy upsets. nEEEzy put Randy in losers. Hiro beasting with Ironman. Mikey came so close from winning the whole tourney. Mikey peacing Randy out. Chunksta beasting on Randy, almost taking him out and took like 97% of Randy’s Cable life in 7 seconds but then Randy has the magic gun, and still OCV’s Chunk in the end with Cable. CJ beasting on Ricky bad, OCV I think. Kim randomly showing up was dope, too. Hella other random shat hapend, too.


1st. Ricky Ortiz - A-insert 3 characters.
2nd. Campbell Tran “Buktooth” - N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki(2)
Daniel Tran “The Beast” - A-Sagat/Rolento/Bison(2)
Mikey Rasphone - A-Sak/Bison/Blanka(2)

I don’t know much of CvS2 since I wasen’t paying much attention near the end. Just all I know is Daniel was beasting on everyone like no problem. Jamaal “S4v” was hella beasting with his nasty P-Kyo/Vega/Rolento. Not too sure if Daniel got 3rd, though. Mikey also sent Campbell to losers. Don’t remember anything else really…


1st. Ricky Ortiz - Yun SA3
2nd. Campbell Tran - Yun SA3 and Chun SA2
3rd. Arun “AKumar” - Ryu SA3 <-- beast

I’m not a big fan of 3s… So sorry. =\ All I really remember is Venkat was beasting with Makoto and Hiro is just pure beast in 3s. Hiro, Randy or Mikey might of got 4th.


1st. Ricky Ortiz - Baiken
2nd. Andry “MAGUS1234” - Faust
3rd. Campbell Tran - Millia

Funniest shit hapend, I swear. The grand finals were like best out of 3. Andry beasted on Ricky first game, so now it’s 1-0. Then Andry won the first round, Ricky won the second I think. Ricky ran into Faust wake-up super… And he got the focking angel. :lol: It’s funny, 'cause Campbell got the reaper haha. He could of won the whole tourney or at least that set if it wasen’t for that god damn angel!!!

Thanks to everyone who came. This is also a good-bye to S cLuBBeR who’s moving back down to SoCal. Take care bud. =]

-Thanks to Venkat for helping me with 3s results =]]]] !

bye s-clubber
see you at evo and when ever you come up to visit, tell us! so we can play at svgl or tilt :stuck_out_tongue:
and the tournament looked like it was fun, i wish i was there but somethings camed up and i couldn’t make it :(.


  1. ricky using stuff he practiced with for 1 hour like pGroove and cHonda
  2. cambell going through like 100 matches in loser’s after losing in winner’s
  3. eric lee had to leave before the tourney ended so he got his guaranteed 3rd place, but couldn’t play for 2nd or 1st
  4. daniel after using some crazy black magic to make my char stop blocking during his bison custom

mikey ended up tying for 5th with me or something
think jamaal and anthony tied for the next place (7th???)
dunno anything further than that…

turnout was pretty big for a random svgl tourney

Some corrections:


1st: Ricky Ortiz - A-Vega/Sakura/Blanka, various wack teams throughout the tourney
2nd: Campbell “Keep Morrigan In Retirement” Tran - N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki, N-Vice/Chun/Hibiki
3rd: Eric “Leezy” Lee - K-Kim/Rock/Cammy, some N-team I forgot
4th: Daniel “Negro Slayer” Tran - A-Sagat/Rolento/Bison

Mikey tosses me around and sends me to losers 2-0 in the first round with 47289472389 Sakura overhead CCs. Daniel keeps the viet/black beef alive and eliminates all colored folks left and right. Leezy had to leave early, so no loser’s final was played.


1st: Ricky Ortiz - Yun SA3, Chun SA2
2nd: Campbell “One Day I’ll Learn This Game” Tran - Ken SA3, Yun SA3, Chun SA2
3rd: Arun “Akumar” dunno the last name - Ryu SA3
4th: Hiro “When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong” Irby - Necro SA3

Hiro hookin foos left and right with Necro. Gets upset by Arun in the longest 2 outta 3 match in history. I tried to Chun back+fierce anything and everything. Ricky’s Yun is wack.


1st: Ricky “Low Dust” Ortiz - Baiken
2nd: Andry “P-Groove Stands For True Gangstas” - Faust
3rd: Randy Lew - Sol
4th: Campbell “Please Don’t Hit Millia” Tran - Millia

Any time Millia gets hit she loses 98% life. Ricky, being true to form, sweeps anything and everything with Baiken. Andry tries to keep it real for a while in the finals, then gets swept 1243890 times.

EDIT: Oh, turnout was a lot better than I expected it to be, so SVGL tourneys will be weekly until Evo.

damn that shit was hella fun, GOod games to evryone and Thats tight thats it’s gonna be weeklies.And fuck that damn angel, seriously I think it was the mini snickers mike gave me before the match, it jus offset my luck…lol.So many close Cvs2 matches an not even top players, just in general llike half the matches went down to the wire.

-daniel vs Jaamal matches in 3s and in cvs2 were so close.
-Cambell’s N-vice is unstopable…I don’t know why ppl even try
-faust angel gets me killed vs lew and vs ricky
-hiro’s necro landing almost 80% combos
upsets- the day was full of em, chunksta! jus slipped on the bannana peel during one of his matches.

godd shit see ya’ll soon

Good games to everyone I wish i played more casual but i had no money =/ thats why i think im going to change my nickname to Arun “hard times” Kumar. Hiro’s necro is very impressive indeed i wish i could have had the opportunity to play him more.

My A-Honda vs Ricky’s C-Honda was the ugliest thing ever. Both of us kept messing up our RC’s :bluu: Then it turned into a match of who was silly enough to actually attack. Ricky’s a nice enough guy so I hope he didn’t take my last post in tourney results too seriously :wink:
Fun tourney :smiley: I’ll try to show up more often

i heard mikey lost cuz eric lee shook the machine inside mikey’s bison CC. true lameness

Ricky didn’t use storm/sentinel/commando, he used MSP the whole way. Just wanted to correct you man. GG to mikey, and randy and the rest i’ve played. GOod shit to AnthonEEEzy and Mikey for Placing and the rest of you guys. I played horribly, it won’t happen again:evil::evil: :wink:


i’m not 100% sure about this, but i think eric was just smackin on the buttons hella hard
i don’t think he actually shook the cabinet or anything

smakin the buttons hella hard is a legit way to throw off your opponent, jus not to the point of moving the machine.Eric won cause he was better…I don’t think anyone will argue that

danielle"negro slayer", hahah that shit is clownin, I think he a secret agenda or sumthin, I jus hope he doesn’t move on to mexicans!

Thanks for the corrections Campbell. =]

oh can we get complete listings for 3s results 1-17 or whatever i just wanted to see that too…

i guess ricky didnt have to play chunk. What a life saver for him.

1st. Ricky Ortiz - MSP
1st: Ricky Ortiz - A-Vega/Sakura/Blanka, various wack teams throughout the tourney
1st: Ricky Ortiz - Yun SA3, Chun SA2
1st: Ricky “Low Dust” Ortiz - Baiken


It has been a long time since I’ve played any competition in GGXX so I did alright. Hopefully I can get some practice time in before the main event.

Sorry that I couldn’t stay for a bit longer. Not only was I exhausted but I was also gamed out after the tourneys were over also. Was resting up for some time before I made the trip back home which was nothing.

Congrats to Ricky for winning the tourneys. Espiecally in GGXX when luck actually had something to do with Ricky winning the finals.

Yeah lol, I played hella stupidly that day:(

Chunk beat him 3-0 3-0 in the last tournament, which I didn’t see. But a couple weeks ago he beat him 4-0, including 3 OCV’s which I did actually witness firsthand.

And I know for sure Chunk was having an off day because I could’ve beaten him if I didn’t have to leave right after. Normally, Alex’s Sentinel vs my Magneto is like watching the curbstomp scene in American History X. He just keeps pounding on me and all spectators wince at how brutal it is.

In other news, I got some wins in CVS2 (LAFFO!) and now I’m afraid to play because I’m sure my luck is all used up.

EDIT: Wow. Those Marvel results really are wacky.

Hey man, thanks for coming. I was kinda iffy for a little bit 'cause I heard there was no GGXX tourney at all and I was like “=” 'cause I said there was at LEAST going to be a 8-man tourney and I didn’t want you drive all that way for nothing. But then I found out it was ganna be ran later, so whew! Good stuff. =]

And Chunk, Ricky did use Santhrax. He only use’d against CJ once CJ pwned his MSP pretty bad with his MSP. =O! And we all know how CJ runs into Sent/Cap pretty bad. =\\

Next week, hopefully more of the regulars can come. And Eric Leeeeeeeeee is still a damn beast, no matter what.

ya definataly Thx for commin Yoshiro, it was cool to meet you, i was the faust/potemkin player.It’s always cool when more people show up for XX.