SVGL - "The MECCA" - 01/07/06 Results


  1. Leezy
  2. Andry
  3. Andrew O.
  4. Mike Savage
  5. Rob/Tyram


  1. Jimmy aka Emphy
  2. Sebastian aka ThyAllMighty
  3. Dudley Dave aka I don’t post but i’m still dope
  4. Arun aka Akumar
  5. Leezy aka this is my real name aka nobody calls me eric / Hugo Chris / Makoto Mike / People / I dunno

No marvel was run and tekken 5 had a fat turnout but i dunno what the results were. Vids of 3s finals up soon maybe.

WTF??? One win got me 5th??? Thanks Mike! <3<3<3

Good Thing I was called told not to come… No marvel turny… guess Sentinal and infinities have discourged peeps Looks like no choice but to play third strike now…

hey where are you guys hosting the 3s vids?


there were vids? no way