SVGL - "The MECCA" - 01/07/2006

That’s Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Been too long since SVGL had a tourney… So now it’s time FOR THE MECCA.

T5 (if anyone wants to run it/take care of it)
A3 (if enough entrys)

$5 entry, pot split: 70/20/10

Sign-up’s start at 1, tourney starts 2:30. SHOW UP PLEASE. If you’re gonna be late, post here or hit me up.

CvS2 - 2/3 winners, 1 game losers. grand finals 2/3. shit might change if we’re almost out of time, but this usually never happens. might even be 2/3 the whole way.

MvC2: 2/3 winners and losers. Grand Finals 3/5. =]

3s: 2/3 winners and losers. Grand Finals 3/5.

I hope see the 707, MGL, Sac, everybody from Nor*Cal there. =]

****Possible guest from out of NorCal will come… Stay tuned. =x

edit: A3 will prolly be $1 entry btw. =] 1 DOLLAR, BWAAAAH!!!


i’m requesting off for this, bout time we have a tourny where sticks arent an issue. chunksta, i’ll show u how magneto REALLY gets down =o

i forgot to post up the details lol well that shit’s all up now.

i heard people are coming strapped for this tournament… 'cause shit is THAT SERIOUS

just the other day, i heard someone got shot 'cause they did a fierce on someone. BANANAS

and i heard svgl player punched the shit out of a machine untill he made himself bleed AND STILL KEPT PLAYING. EXTRA BANANAANANANAS!


ill be there!!!

can we have team tourneys?? those are too fun =]

fuck yeah. we need to have teams. =D

starts at 2:30? :sad:

Count me in

Team GOOOOOONIEZ Korngo/nEEEzy/Chunk WRAP!


For those who are weed smokers, the manager (Jason Kenney) has found out that somebody has been selling weed around the svgl property (not gonna say any names). He said that if this still goes on, he will get rid of all the fighting games. I know it’s harsh, but that’s what he said. He just doesn’t want people to smell like weed or selling weed around svgl property. This is serious, no joke. I as a loyal golfland employee, heard this and so did other employees. Some other employees are on the look out for those who are selling the stuff. Anyways, cut it down a little bit guys. And if you smell like weed, bring air refreshener =].

                                                                                   Thank you for attention,

I’m there… hopefully… >=]

Hahahaha my characters too scared to super jump!

are there any tourneys in the bay from 12/19-1/7? I might not be able to attend this one, but I’d like to attend A tourney while I’m back.

i’m going to be all up in this:wgrin:

707 has got one on the 21st, I believe.

Why did this get off the “sticky”?

Hey hey, the only bleeding I know of is some well dressed fool busting his knuckle…and my fingertips bleeding…I kept on playing, though…'cause I’m pimp like that.

Arun…you better be all up in this…

Fuck…someone remind me to put in a time off request.

i hope everyone joins A3. i mean shit, 1 dollar?!?!?!? that’s NOTHING.

so everyone, just joooooooooooooin a3. gogogogo

bitches. I’ll be there for winter break, I’ll probably come by and check it out. I will be signing up for A3.

count me in this shit for cvs2 and A3!

My RAM-CAM and I will both be making an appearance. Gotta play those games and get that footage man!

YO Leezy! im bringing kim! j/k

i’m also in for A3.

I’ll call out sloppy from the light house at svgl golf course for this, and mike p. from the daycare center to get more A3 players.