SVGL Thread


Welcome to the melting pot of the Bay Area’s finest! I just started this thread because some of the regulars and I were talking about how Pac North didn’t have a SVGL Thread. Anyway, feel free to post in this thread and hopefully it will be easier for all of us to communicate on here.


Sup sup. I’ll be at svgl wednesday in the daytime (!). Like noonish. Anybody free around then come thru. Outro


wasap jamaal~ P GROOVE !

yea ! havent been to svgl in a long time , i think ill come next weekend.


It’s good to see SVGL have a thread. =]


GGXX yahhh boy

sup clubbers i accepteth your challenging but dammit i need to get off work maybe ill go this friday…

yeah fuck it friday…


wheres ma sorryvale souljas at!
hey whos goin to evo?
-anyone willin to throw on a momo?


Svgl finally has a thread. Cool!!!:cool: I was thinking of creating this thread long time ago, but since I don’t come there often I was hoping some svgl regulars would create it. Everytime I went to svgl I play better and learn hella sheit. The feeling of playing at svgl is weird, is like I can do hella shiet in svgl but I can not do it else where. I guess, since there’s a lot of competition you will always play at your full potential.


YEAH!! SVGL has a thread now:cool: :cool: THANX S CLUBBER!!
Anyone up for marvel?:lol:

Edit: at Svgl on Saturday In the afternoon. Fo'Sho:D


I will challenge you anyday! just wait for my finger to heal up…:lol:

BUt anyway, its nice to see this new thread for team sunnyvale/sunnyvale players. Lets keep it going. peace.


So who’s all going on Friday? I heard the nEEEzy is going friday! OoooooooooooOOOOOOooOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooO!! =P


Yo venkat!! Where the hell you been man? I started playin CvS2 and i need some help learning the basics. make sure to tell us when your coming down. are you coming friday?

And damnt we need more 3S competition at svgl. usually theres only like 4-5 ppl max playing. Im usually there at tues/thurs, and sometimes fri.


I’ll probably go early Friday evening. I was there last Tuesday and there were only 6-7 people playing GGXX all night. Just don’t count me as a one of the good players at that game since I’m still hella noob. It’s also cool to see a variety of characters used with each person specializing on a particular character. However, it’s too hard for me to control crazy, wacky Jam on those sticks so don’t expect too much of a challenge from me. More IAD practice for me then I guess! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep I agree! I’m the guy that uses Yun so feel free to come in and play against me. I prefer the 3S machine on the right though cause I don’t play too well with the one on the left. My friends who also play 3S come Tuesday and Friday nights as well.


I was there last tuesday playin mosley pot and axel,did I see any yall??I playd 3s for like a hot minute…but there really needs to be more 3s players,it sucks with the lack of…everyone get into XX!


Yeah, i agree, ur finger will heal up.:smiley: :cool: Keep taking those vitamins for it lolz. Anyway, My sentinel is fuckin nutty!:lol: But, i don’t think i should say that, cuz ur sentinel blocks all of my fast flys…Bitch:lol: :lol: Well, i dunno if i am going to be there on friday. I might go to Salinas or I might stay home and go to svgl.:smiley: See ya’ll there on probably FRiday or Saturday. BY THE WAY, if some of u svgl people know me and u guys see me there on Friday, give me your money if u want token special the next day. I’ll get it for u people who can’t wake up early as me:lol: Anyway, if u see me on Friday, then we’ll talk about Token Special:cool:



What do you look like? 'cause the only person I saw using Pot and Axel was the blonde hair guy. If that’s you, my bad. Just trying to put names on faces =]


blonde mexican guy…yes


were you playing ricki’s bridget? plus using p-groove … i think it was S/B/C?

Im loaded from tuesday’s token special. Ill be there thursday and fri. Ill probablly bring a fellow 3s player. And i have a hunch that the white bald head guy will be there too.


Yeah, you’re Pot was tight. I don’t know anything about GGXX, but I was watching it for a liltle bit. The sticks kinda sucks, though, 'cause I was see’ing some people mess up alot. =\

Someone teach me Millia. Haha =]


yo dahte. i ll be there like n ext week hopefully if i dont have to do school crap.


Hey opera, are you that guy who uses Makato and Urien in 3s? And you have black hair and black mustache? I’m just randomly wondering