SVGL Thread


Don’t go saturday!


I’m down to show up Friday for some 3S. Maybe some post game beers?


How’s the arcade setup like here for the fighting games? last time I went the arcade seemed kinda washed up and boring with its current setup (summer 2013)


Anyone who goes here that would be up for games of 3s? The few times I’ve been there on Saturday no one was playing, was thinking of trying this Friday instead.


I usually go on Fridays, if you’re looking to play someone not as experienced, you can play me.
Sometimes others show up, those guys are tournament-ready, but not as of lately except on rare occasions.
Everyone now plays in San Mateo, some place called “Game Center,” don’t know how to get there.

@Toomanny720, JBlair: yo, how do you get there?


I’m not really tournament-ready myself so any person I can play against in person would be okay for me. Also that Game Center place is reported as closed so I’m not sure where everyone is playing now.


hey yall: read this if you are interested


Yo! I’ll be at SVGL tonight, 3rd strike. Come at me! lol


Last week was dope, good competition, I didn’t win a single match, but that’s all good with me. I’ll be there tonight, as well, come at me!!


Wassup! I’m back from my LA trip. I’ll be heading out to SVGL tonight, it’s 4th of July, but hopefully there’s some competition! Come at me! I trained with some dude named “Van” out in SoCal at Don’s place in Carson. I can’t say I got better, but I’m still trying!


Me, Mikes, and Daniel were there last night and every button was broken :frowning:


Can’t believe it’s been 10 years when AE (the OG one) came out!


this place sucks now


We Hungry and we want competition and for that reason I want to invite you guys to come up to The Biggest Little City. Come represent your town or City, Come see how you stack up to Reno’s Finest.

If anyone needs an excuse to come up and play fighting games, drink and gamble…there is an art exibition I guess haha Show up!!

Starlite Fight Night
Games List: Casual USFIV, UMVC3, Xtekken, KOF, TTT2, Melee, Brawl, PM
Dates / Days:Friday-Sat
Times: 630pm-1amSaturday
Address: (1201 Stardust street, Reno, NV 89503, USA)
Prices: 1$ raffle donation no required fee
Stream Channel:
Group’s SRK Thread, Facebook, Twitter, Webpage Links ect.
RENOCREW 2011 (Northern Nevada’s Fightin Game Scene)

Starlite Fight Night Tournament Edition
Games List: USFIV, UMVC3, Melee, PM (Xtekken, KOF, TTT2, Brawl, Tournament pending enough entrants)
Dates / Days:Last Friday of Every Month
Times: 630pmFriday-1amSaturday
Address: (1201 Stardust street, Reno, NV 89503, USA)
Prices: 6$ entry, 5$ dollar for tournament and 1$ for venue. Dollar raffle that happens this day also available for 1$
Stream Channel:
Group’s SRK Thread, Facebook, Twitter, Webpage Links ect.
RENOCREW 2011 (Northern Nevada’s Fightin Game Scene)


S Clubber created this thread. I guess SRK deleted his account. I remember playing in a CVS2 tournament @ SVGL back in the summer of 2004. Can’t believe it’s almost been 11 years!!!


Guess SVGL is dead…


Man its depressing......I went about a year ago & mvc2 is gone, cvs2 is gone I think even 3rd strike mightve been gone…where do people play ? Just online ? I miss mvc2…


I started with sf2 at Sanjose golfland back in like 89 or 90…and really loved the mvc2 scene…guys like me are like ghosts now missing the old days


Sjgl, svgl and mgl all look the same now…none of the older games just ssf4 and tickets games.


Damn this thread is gold. Brings me back to back in the day!