SVGL's Various Matches For Marvel In The SUMMER!

Alright everyone, i created this thread because im tired of seeing the marvel scene in svgl being based only on casual, however there is only little going on with money matches. SO, starting this summer, i was thinking that there should be various kinds of matches to be used for creating entertainment all around svgl and that’s by doing the following:

-Money Matches (Continued)
-Grudge Matches
-Shit talking Matches
-Food Matches
-Recorded Matches


Bucket Matches are gonna be one of the favorite matches ever because when it’s summer, it is FUCKIN HELLA HOT, therefore, whoever loses the match, gets a bucket of water dumped on them and everyone can watch lol. Everyone else on the above you should understand the common sense of it.

I think this would be fun because other people like cvs2 players, t5 players, 3rd strike players would think of it funny. That’s how marvel gets down guys, we get dummy off that dummyjuice! -Best line ever by the KORNGO aka the hottest nigga unda’ the sun! =O! Anyways, i was thinking about this to happen that way marvel wouldn’t be as boring and making it boring for everyone else.

Alright guys, Make this shit HAPPEN!


any u guys think you can beat me in a money match, you must be smoking enough dope to let bhushan win a cvs2 tournament.



someone PLEASE bucket match WOO GRIMEY!!!

lol thats cool man bucket matches hahaha lol funny stuff


:rofl: ‘SVGL Marvel Reality TV Series Comming This Summer’:rofl:

OK, how about this, you guys can post in this thread any kind of match that would come to mind for marvel at any time in svgl. I work there, so i can view all the events on what will happen in the summer =o.

Hyro- Good idea man lololol Reality TV show

Charlie- Show some spirit man =DD!

Don’t let the name Bhushan fool you and don’t talk shit about him in this thread

I wanna make this thread popular, you can post all kinds of shit in here, 'cause i know i will be lolol.

Bucket MATCHES ARE GONNA BE THE SHIT and i know HELLA people that wanna do that, it’s fun!

Alright guys, im out for now. Peace


How bout you do something really wild, like the loser has to learn how to play another game :devil:

actually, I think we should just have $ matches and $1 winner take all tournaments like we’re starting to do.

Those are the best.

playing serious>casual

most of us are already down, we just gotta find a date.

I perfected Bhushan once.

Cheese sticks/hot sauce matches.

Whatever works for ya’ll =]! Still, we need to have a Bucket Match, i’ll give anyone odds too =O!


fountian match- Loser does a lap in the svgl fountian!!!

oooo, since i’ll be back in San Jose, I’m down for $1 tournaments. :looney:

lol cuzzo you 4 got the In-n-Out matches losser buys in n out =)

thats only for the blunted players

Cod match.

Loser has to go jump in a lake.


Alright guys, now that we are back from PSM, we should have the $1 tournies on tuesdays because that’s when everyone shows up. Im down for it and hopefully everyone else is. We gotta get crackin’!

P.S. Bucket matches, cod matches, money matches, etc. are still available to anyone after the $1 tournies =O!

Good job in SoCal Chunk

Thnx =]

NOW, when do you guys want the “Various Matches” to happen during the summer? And what days would you prefer to have the $ dollar mini tournies? Get Crackin like Korngo gone bad, YOU ALREADY KNOW! hahha

Yeah Good Job in SoCal Chunksta

Chunk - you were right about MvC2 on X-box I countered out and both characters got fucked up:sweat: