Sw Bball Fantasy League

yes sign up, this outta be hella fun. i believe the limit is 12 ppl, so hurry up and claim yo spots.

on yahoo, heres the info u need to register.

League ID#: 81263
Password: swsrk

so far its-

kevmon (?)

I’m in

hell yeah. im signed up…so when are we picking teams?

Just joined.

when do u guys want the draft to be? just tell me and i will select the time, but as for right now…the set draft date and time is

Friday, October 17 at 5:35 pm CDT

Im in… :stuck_out_tongue:

cool i can make that time as long as everyone is there and not fuckin around. How long will the draft take?

about a half hour to almost an hour. we only picking 12 ppl or so, it cant long. unless too many scrubs dont show up

I have just joined and I guarantee you I will be PUNISHING EVERYONE with Yao Ming. Houston will be punishing itself as i use Yao Ming as my puppet of ownage to all h-town fantasy b-ball players.

shit…yo Bry…is there anyway that you can make the draft at 6? plz…Galleria traffic at rush hour time eats me whole and i dont think I can make it at 5:35 :frowning:

P.S. Im in…Colombian Mafia takin over hoes…

you fat spic…i have to pick up my son at 7. So get your fat ass off work like 15 mins early and get home. 5:35 is the latest i can probably do the draft anyway.

if you can’t make the draft…just rank your players in the order u want to draft them… its that simple

how u do that?

click on your team and then look for something that says “edit pre rankings” you’ll see it somewhere around there. That’s what i have to do cuz I gotta go to work at 5.

sweet thanx…done…now where to we go to see the draft at 5:35?

i HAVE to see this.

Had to Pre-Rank also. Won’t be at comp at 5:30.

draft was good for everyone…except martin lol

lmao @ irv getting yao and francis and not even being there.

Best Scorers : Genius, Stiggz, ShadowMike, Ranma, Martin, KOD, Krucial B, Viewtiful, PowerDn, Khang
Most Depth : Martin, Ranma, Genius, ShadowMike, Krucial B, Viewtiful, Stiggz, KOD, PowerDn, Khang

thats what i think. Martin got a good team, what are you talkin about?!?! BTW i have the most talent by far. 2 of top 5

are u kidding me…martin has jobbers and 2 good guards.

imo the top 5 are

1.me (SHAQ, kmart, pierce and a plethora of young good players)
2.kod (oneal, ming, francis and reggie…)
3.viewtiul (injury free lineup with 6 all stars in the line up)
4.ranma (good team all around, still needs better big men)
5.power BB (jason kidd + chris webber = :cool: )

worst teams

-1.stiggz (picked up injured stackhouse and needs another center)
-2.DAKGB (who this is has tmac and thats it. decent guards and no paint team)
-3.martin (terrible, just terrible)