Swap 360 Fightstick SE PCB with ps3 Fightstick TE PCB?

I have a kind of an odd question.
Is it possible to easily take the 360 PCB out of a Fightstick SE and swap it with the PCB from a ps3 Fightstick TE? Is there anything more to it then unplugging the ribbon cables, unscrewing the main PCB and swapping?
The reason I ask…
I currently have 2 seimitsu modded Fightstick SEs for the Xbox 360 (my main console), and would like to get a 360 TE to use as my main stick.
I also at the same time would like to have a stick for my PS3. I was thinking about buying a 360 TE and a PS3 SE and taking the parts from one of my 360 SEs and putting it in the PS3 SE. But If I could just get a PS3 TE and swap PCBs I could save my self the money of buying another SE.

So I am guessing no one has a n answer to this?

I dont think the PCBs are any different from each other so theoretically you could hotswap it.

But, don’t quote me on that.