Swap magic ? for slim ps2

i found a website thegiantstore.com that has swap magic
but it lists 2 versions for the slimline ps2

one version has a lid that you install onto your ps2
the other version has clips (it looks like) that are clipped inside where disc is

so… which one is better ? They are both the same price , aside from the install process difference is there any difference between the 2 versions ?

besides the fact that one is a lid and one is a magic switch, no there is no difference :confused:

the magic switch (non-lid version) is a bit on the junky side - it is 3 plastic parts, one of which will break easily but can easily be replaced, another of which will bend the wire lid on your slimline until it doesnt work anymore, and the third piece is alright.

I would suggest modchip or just buying a jap ps2

If your PS2 is still under warranty and you care about it then get the clips because the new lid requires taking the PS2 apart which will void the warranty.

If you don’t care I would go with the new lid because the clips will require you leave you PS2 constantly open. I haven’t heard anyone having trouble with that but I’d rather not leave it open like that all the time.

If you are going to break the warranty anyway you might as well get a modchip. It costs more but its a hell of a lot more convenient.

i think clips or magic keys/switch are easier. the thing thats tricky about the magic keys route is the long piece that you have to stick down top left into that little hole so it presses down on the switch that detects the lid opening. the alternative is to open the ps2 slim and tape down the switch and you should be fine. really easy imo.

I think they redesigned the magic keys so that you can close your PS2 lid now. Also, I believe when installing the fliptop lid you can keep the warranty sticker intact. Just don’t pull the console fully apart when disassembling it. That’s what I did when I performed my own softmod.

the warranty sticker now places over one of the screws on the bottom of the new slims. there’s no way to open it without removing the sticker now. but who care about warranty? stuff never breaks most of the time under 3 months anyway unless its a xbox 360 lol.

Thats the truth. aside from the disk read errors, my ps2s have been a group of champs. I’ve had to repair my 360 twice. =(
I like the mod lid myself, but I couldn’t do it by myself and I almost broke my slim PS2.

How good is the lid mod itself? I’ve been putting this off for a while but I would like to know how easy it is to destroy a PS2 with the lid mod? I think I have the first generation slim PS2.

I own a slim PS2, flip top (lid) and Swap Magic 3.6 and I have absolutely no complaints. Bought the console and immediately modified it. If you don’t have a problem with voiding your warranty, I highly recommend a flip top and Swap Magic. It took me about 15 minutes to install the new lid.

It is obviously possible to damage your PS2 while installing the flip top but if you carefully follow any of the instructions available online, you would have to be a complete moron if you damaged your system.

I ordered the 3.6 a few weeks back, still waiting on it to show up (modchip.com doesn’t seem to have the speediest service … either that, or my order is fucked), but the installation seems simple enough. I’ll report back once I mod it.

if the design hasn’t changed from the first gen slim ps2, then it’s very easy to do the mod. The brick is harder to do, mainly cuz you have to worry about the power ribbon being disconnected. yeah, on the slim version, all you really have to do is depress 2 switches and you good to go if you’re using the clips. you don’t need to use all the pieces if you’re like me and hate having your shit open while the disk is running. Either which way, it’s very simple if you’re decent with electronics.