Swap Magic

So I’m gonna buy a swap magic. Now the only question is since I’m planning on buying a slim ps2, will I need to get the one with the flip top or will just the discs do. Pretty sure the card thing is only useful with the fat ps2. Anyway some as i get the answer the the transaction will be completed. Thanks SRK.

Slim ps2 means you need a flip top or you have to mod it yourself (very easy; it takes about 15 minutes).

Check PM’s.

get a flip top and follow instructions, i got it, it rox.

Can someone post links to everything I need for my slim PS2?

Awesome! Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you Krost:wgrin:

I would wait to get one of those memory card modchips that are coming out in a few weeks. There are a bunch of imports that I have been wanting to play (Darkstalkers collection, neo geo ports, arcana heart, melty blood, etc. ) but do not want to shorten my PS2’s lifespan with a swap magic type thing.

So those work for imports as well? I had heard that they only work for homebrew, etc.

The Swap Magic shorted the PStwo’s lifespan? Well, I’ve been noticing that sometime when I try to swap a disk, the disc starts to spin immediately and I have to do this again, until it stops doing that when trying to swap.

yeah if you swap alot i would think it would put a wear and tear to the rotary motor or something. i swap only on occasions when i need to fire up one of my imports.

Easiest option for Slim PS2 is Swap Magic discs + Magic Keys.

Mod it yourself, the magic keys were always an iffy thing for me till I just junked them.

FOOLS! Swap magic doesn’t ruin your PS2, you just have to do it correctly, not to close the flip top too hard which will make the disc spin again and keep it opened until you have your import game started.

I’ve been using mine for over a year and it hasn’t harmed my system in any way.

Funny story, I just shoved some paper in the front light sensor and then cut my lid off at about an inch from the back so all the factory stuff works. Then all I needed was the disc ^ ^

Hedge clippers ftw