Swap TE for SE stick?

When my HORI EX2 stick broke, I upgraded to the MadCatz TE-S. The problem is, I?m having a terrible time adjusting to the TE-S and would like to swap the stick with something else.

Specifically, I find it extremely difficult to block and dash, as well as perform ultras which involve charge motions (such as Honda, Guile, DeeJay). I?ve been losing at least twice as often, and because of ridiculous reasons described above. Even with a lot of practice, I see minimal improvement.

I believe this is due to the TE-S containing a square gate. I really liked the HORI EX2 stick and figured that it uses an octagonal gate, but it?s listed as square. Either way, the EX2 stick does not have the hard corners that the TE-S does.

This leads to my two questions:

  1. Can any owners of both a HORI EX2 and SE confirm that the gates feel very similar/identical to each other?

  2. Is it possible to incorporate a SE stick into the TE-S case?


The SE stick has a square gate as well. If you dont dig the square gate, pick up an octagonal gate and swap it out.

Hori ex2 user here.

i dont know what you’re talking about, the hori ex2 uses a square gate. I’m playing with it right now…

anyways, just open up the thing and change the gate to octagonal, its very easy

I have a feeling the OP has no idea what he’s talking about.

The reason why you can’t do certain things is because you need to practice your execution, don’t blame a perfectly functional stick.

HORI EX2 and Mad Catz SE and Mad Catz TE S all have Square.

Yes, you can put Mad Catz SE Joystick into TE S.
The stock Mad Catz SE Joystick is just a Dick version of the JLF in the TE S.

will trade you if its for xbox

Huh? I didn’t say the stick was broken. I did practice quite a bit with the new stick (I explained that above). The point is, I just prefer the Hori ex2 stick to the MadCatz TE-S.

I would like to keep both sticks in case I actually prefer the original. Thanks though

Yeah, I mentioned in my post that the EX2 has a square gate as well. For whatever reason, I find a huge difference between the movement in both sticks. The Hori ex2 stick does not have the harsh square 90 degree corners that the MadCatz TE-S stick does. When I move the stick around, it almost feels like there’s a slight buffer around the corners.

I understand the ex2 stick is not built to last. That’s why I was inquiring about obtaining a Hori SE stick, since the quality is similar to the MAd Catz TE-S.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the info. I’ll look into trying to convert the stick into an octagonal gate

the edges of the square gate on the TE’s are slightly curved… no actual 90’ angles are involved.

edit: kinda like this.

edit2: in fact I think that’s the exact gate in the TE sticks. <.<;

HRAP SE stick is a Seimitsu LS-32. It also has a square gate.

Oh, when you said HORI EX2 compare to SE, you mean the HRAP EX SE, not Mad Catz SE?
Yes, the Seimitsu LS-32 is still Square.

I believe the Hori EX2 is closer in feel to the Sanwa JLF joystick used in the TE sticks than the LS-32 used in the HRAP EX SE, but if a Seimitsu joystick is what you want then you can easily replace the joystick in the TE with one.

I think the problem you are running into with the TE stick is that you just aren’t used to how short the microswitch engage distance is on the JLF and you’re too used to moving the joystick until it hits the gate on the Hori EX2.

I don’t think an octagonal gate will solve you’re problem. Just keep practicing and recognize that you don’t need to move the JLF until it hits the gate for it to register a direction.

That’s a thought. I’ll give lighter movements a shot. Thanks!

Yes, I own both the HORI EX2 and the Mad Catz TE-S. I prefer the movements of the EX2 stick even though it lacks the quality of the Mad Catz TE-S. So I was considering a HORI SE stick to replace the Mad Catz TE-S, since that is hori’s quality stick

But the Joystick in HRAP EX SE, Seimitsu LS-32, is nothing close to HORI Fighting Stick EX2.

But if you want a new Joystick, you don’t have to buy a whole new Arcade Stick.
You can just swap the Sanwa JLF in your Mad Catz TE S with a Seimitsu LS-32-01.

Ah, you just answered the heart of my question. You don’t believe the seimitsu LS-32, found in the HRAP EX SE, has the same feel as what is found in the Hori EX2. But the seimitsu stick is swappable with the stick found in the Mad Catz TE-S.

I’ll probably end up trying out that part, as well as purchase an octagonal gate. Thanks for everyone’s time!

Again though, the EX2 (I have a DOA4 stick right next to me, which I believe has the same stick) is also a square gate - it’s just that the throw/engage/etc distances are different. As such, you might try other square-gate sticks as well (LS-32, JLF, and so on)

Good idea. That’s what I plan to do as step 2. I just ordered an octagonal gate for the sanwa stick included in the TE-S. Hopefully I can adjust to the gate rather than swap the stick.