Swap TE usb on a Paewong ps3+360 PCB


I have a question regarding the PS3 TE USB and swapping it on the Paewong PCB’s USB points. My Paewong PCB came with it’s USB detached, and my USB on my sf4 te’s USB has been cut and stripped. Can I switch the USB on the TE and put it on my paewong PCB, and if I can, can someone please provide a chart or diagram that shows where each color of the wire for the USB goes where?



Red, White, Green, Black, (Black).


i cant really tell from which side or which direction you’re referring to for the order of the colors, plus, idk what (Black) is. Is that a ground wire that’s suppose to be soldered on? I only see 4 colored wires.


Try to see if the points are labeled on the Paewang PCB.

Black = ground
Red = VCC
Green = D+
White = D-
(Black) = shielded ground (disregard this one)

Post a picture and we can try to help.




they’re not labeled on the PCB
i’ll show diagrams of the PCB itself and see if you guys can figure this out. If not, I’ll take pictures of the pcb i have, but my camera is pretty low quality.


You can tell from the pictures you posted and the link jdm put up. With the divot on the left of the soldering points, it’s red-white-green-black.


You just linked a picture that shows exactly.


i just wanted to make sure. Im not fimiliar with modding, especially with USBs, and I also just wanted to make sure if I could use the PS3 TE’s usb. So, just making sure, (Black) isn’t necessary, and the 4 wires shown are the ones I should be using, correct?