Swapping Dpad and buttons of PS1 and PS2 controllers


I just got a Xtokki converter and I have a bit of a dilemma. For the PS1 controller it’s harder to execute because the dpad buttons are very stiff. For the PS2 controller, it is easier to execute but because the triggers are pressure sensitive, it randomly lets go of charge moves so I can’t play Vergil on it. Anyone know if and how I can open the controllers and switch the dpads? I’m leaning towards PS1 controller. Thanks.


I do not see why not, the plastic on the D-pad on the Sony made controllers never actually changed from the old all digital PS1 pads to the new PS3 Dual Shocks.


Can you post a video of how to do that?


It’s super easy, you don’t need a video. All you probably need to do is swap out the rubber plungers (they’re impossible to miss, they sit behind the buttons) between the two controllers. I wouldn’t swap out the actual buttons, what’s probably going on is you like the feel of the rubber for the PS2 controller compared to the rubber in the PS1 controller. Perhaps the PS2 one is broken in more.

Anyway, first step is to unscrew the back of both controllers, take the back off, unscrew the PCB, pull it out, and swap out the rubber plungers from the face buttons and D-Pad. They’ll be identical in shape and size, so swap those without disturbing the buttons, put the PCB’s back in, put the back of the controller back on, and screw them both in.

That’s it, you don’t need a video.


I’m scared of breaking it haha. What do the PCBs look like and do I only need a screw driver or do I need more tools?

Also, have you done this before? Is it easy to do?


From my experience in dismantling PS2 controllers, you will want to be careful and make sure everything is perfect before you put them back together. It’s easy, but the components aren’t especially durable.

The PCBs are just the big green board in the middle of the interior. If you just want to replace the rubber plungers, I suggest unscrewing the bottom, then holding the bottom of the controller and carefully lifting the top half of the case.


Just need a small screw driver, that’s all. Again, it’s very easy. I’ve never had a problem with the durability of the parts either.


Should changing the rubber help with the stiffness of the buttons? I’ll try to do dp motions and I get > / >


Yes, because it’s the only thing that creates tension in the buttons. If the rubber is tougher on the PS1 pad than the PS2 pad, then that’s where the stiffness comes from. Softer rubber will be easier to press, and that’s the only deciding factor on how the buttons feel.