Swapping Hori PCB IN HRAP EX for Madcatz PCB + Cthulhu?

Anyone done this? How do you go about getting things like the guide button and LEDs and the headset jack to work (if that’s possible). I have a HRAP EX, but of course, the fact that it’s non-common ground (which baffles me as to why Hori decided to make their 360 HRAPs the only non-common ground models) kinda lowers it’s modding potential. So I’m just looking to replace that with a Madcatz PCB and add a Cthulhu for PS3 compatibility.

I did it, easiest way is to just gut it and replace the internals with the cthulhu and madcatz pcb, and you don’t get the headphone jack nor buttons to work without alot of point to point soldering. It didn’t matter much to the guy i did it for, so I didn’t bother.