Swapping out parts from a SE to a TE stick?

I have a x360 SE stick with a Cthulhu board that I’m going to get an IMP switch for. I also have a PS3 TE stick. My question to the more experienced crowd out there, can I swap out the x360 pcb and drop that in the TE stick? Is it the same size (or at least enough to hold down two screws). Would I have to swap out ALL the parts that go with it? (Like the control panel - the Home/Guide + Turbo control section). Or is it a simple “pop out connectors, swap pcb, put back in connects”?

I honestly don’t care if I lose the headset functionality from the x360 stick, just so long as I can turn my TE stick into a simple dual-mod. And before anyone says “just swap out for sanwa parts”, that’s already done. I just like the feel, the size, and the overall comfort feel of the TE stick more.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

yea that’s gonna be alot of work. Hell if you can find someone to trade ps3 for xbox TE that would of course be the easiest. Im sure someone out there is lookin.