Swapping the circuitry of a xbox stick to a PS3 stick case


Just a question.

I have a 360 BrawlStick and a PS3 SFxT Fightstick Pro. I have swapped out the joiystick and buttons from the PS3 stick into the 360 stick a while back. The brawlstick has served me well but I am wanting to know if there are any issues with swapping the insides of the 360 stick just so I can use the PS3 stick’s case.

I have no interest in dual-modding the stick as I no longer have a PS3…I just want the bigger service area.

Can this be done or are there certain parts of the PS3 stick that will not allow this?


think you should be fine. Pull out the main PCB in the PS3 stick and stick in the 360 one.

As for the smaller boards. not sure how modular they are. The stick and button pcbs can probably be reused. Anything else should be brought over


I will counter your question with another question:

Why don’t you just try it?

You have both sticks, and you’ve already shown that you don’t mind opening them up, and it’s not like you need to order parts to test it or anything.


I was thinking about it but I wanted to be aware of any roadblocks potentially.


You will need to transplant all the ribbon cables, terminal gate, motherboard, and turbo panel from the Brawlstick to the PRO. You’ll have trouble fitting in the new turbo panel without modifying it, but a Dremel helps.

You may also need to extend some of the wiring…

It’s not a straight forward mod, but it is more than possible.


Forgive the lack of modding knowledge but…Dremel?

::Edit:: Nvm…google.


I didn’t even think of the turbo panel. Thank’s for that heads up.


turbo panel is different?

still just a wild guess (I don’t have a SFxT stick) but don’t think you’ll need to transplant the terminal


IIRC you do.

The 360 Brawlstick has different wiring to all the other MadCatz sticks thanks to the ‘unique features’ of the pcb. Everything needs to be transplanted.