Swapping the guts of a stick to a TE

Would it be an easy task to put this custom arcade stick guts(dual mod) into a TE without soldering? I believe I have some drilling tools. If not, how about a HRAP3 SA? Link at bottom


Asked in the sticky thread with no response.

Picture’s broken and question is a little confusing.

You have a working dualmodded custom stick, and you want to transplant the internals into a TE’s case? Or do you have a working custom stick and you want to add the internals to a TE to dual mod it?

If your question is the first one, then yes, it should be fairly easy as long as you do not have Happ/American parts. They do not fit in the TE’s case. Additionally, you will lose function of the turbo panel/home button/LS-DP-RS switch. You can just drill a third hole for a new home button, or do some light soldering to get the turbo panel’s home button working with your dualmod setup.

If your question is the second one then we’d need more details to let you know if it’s possible.

edit: double post :party:

Just remove everything in the TE Case.
Put your stuff in.
That’s all.

You have Quick Disconnects already, so plug them to the Buttons.
You have Wire Harness already, so plug to Joystick.

Will lose LS-DP-RS, because that is part of Mad Catz FightStick PCB.
Will lose Turbo, because that is part of Mad Catz FightStick PCB.

Thanks guys. Wanted to just make sure. Is it the same for the HRAP3?

swapping guts into TE should be easy.

Might be easier since there’s more space to work with inside a HRAP.

Ah okay. My friend has the TE and wants to swap cases with me and I got my HRAP trying to open this behemoth… Any way to open those screws inside or the top layer with common household items if not what opens them?

edit: found I need a 7mm nut driver. Which I don’t have. Any suggestions?

You could use a small pair of pliers and unscrew the nut that way. Keep twisting it until they come off. It’s gonna be a bit more tricky to get them back on though, more fiddly.

I think you should use pliers, i bought a screw driver that had 1/4 in nut driver and it didnt fit. Is 1/4 = 7mm?