Swat kats is back!




Sees “Kickstarter” and remembers Inafune and the long, long trail of other broken promises…

I’d donate to a new season of Megas XLR…

swat kats sucked then it’ll suck again.




Sees “Kickstarters” and remembers Labzero and the long, long trail of kept promises

kickstarter is love , kickstarter is life !

Wasn’t trying to play at all. I’m seriously genuinely excited about this as much as I hate kickstarters too. The shear irony is that I was thinking about Swat Kats coming back a few days ago before I even heard about this. Plus there’s no Inafune, Capcom, etc etc involved in this.

And just why is the snes Swat Kats game so rare and expensive too? I would have figured they would have made a lot more copies back in the day.

Same reason all retro games are overpriced now: People who never played them or who weren’t in the age where they could appreciate them are buying them so they could say they are ‘old school’ when they just get them and let them sit on the shelves gathering dust.

tl;dr Hipsters

Or are reselling them at inflated prices, they think getting something rewrapped in plastic means they can sell it to you “unopened” and other such stupid ass scams.

Neat but it still needs atleast 200,000 to get 1 episode done 66,585 currently with 26 days left.Hope it succeeds,childhood right there

I was excited for this until I saw kickstarter. We won’t get a true episode less it reaches $1.5 million. Being a Hanna-Barbera show Cartoon Network will be the only option if a network picks it up. Fuck CN.

It would be amazing to see the series reignited! The season 2 theme and intro got me as psyched as the OG DBZ “Rock the Dragon” theme did as a kid. T-Bone and Razor, the real dynamic duo! It was one of the few cartoons that had real palpaple tension when things went truly chaotic (Dr. Viper ep).

squeals like a schoolgirl

The series being back is actually kind of awesome since I heard a lot about it. Ugh, what was I thinking trading away my copy of the SNES game years back?

Looks like he needs money so he can make a pitch to some company (probably Cartoon Network). Dunno, I still watch cartoons (probably too old for this shit) but even if it was successful, doesn’t seem like it would go anywhere based on current television trends.

Yeah cartoon network fucked over Young Justice and the new Thundercats. Thundercats 2011 didn’t get any promo at all after the first episodes. And they kept changing the time slot on purpose to kill it off. WB releasing the DVD’s TOO fast should have been a hint to everyone too. If it’s not cartoon network made, cartoon network doesn’t care about it. There was even a Thundercats 2011 DS game that was delayed but finally released too.

I was so young when I used to watch Swat Kats it is crazy to imagine. However since its kickstarter, I will not have any expectations. The hate with kickstarter is kinda annoying seeing how in any industry some products fail before completion. Animation is a lot worse of an industry for kickstarter since animation budgets are no joke which is why many shows rely on merchandising. Swat Kats are toy material but too ambitious in my opinion.

Oh, those times when CN aired actually good shows before the idiocy of Gendy Tartakovsky took in…

A new season on par with the originals would be way too awesome, Disney or CN would demand massive dumbing down.

Could Netflix pick up the series?

Whoa… whoa… WHOA.

That man made Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and Sym-Bionic Titan.

You fall all the way back.

Samurai Jack was art.

If it was brought back, it’ll either be a re-imagining that get doesn’t live up to your expectations coated by childhood memories…or it will kept out of primetime (Thundercats).