SWAT team


So busy…

Finally had the chance to design the 4th Swat guy. Alot of people like the ninja but I may redesign him

Oldest to Newest:

The Specialist


The Cerebral


The Enforcer


The Tactician


The Reconnaissance


The Tracker


If you haven’t noticed, each member represents different parts of the world that they hail from.

I don’t have anything bigger, but you can check out my DA page for a larger view. See sig.

Whole Team


Ver. 2



Those are some sick designs. I like the Specialist for his practical design and The Cerebral for his unique character design.:cool:


Very nice, very nice designs… Call me crazy, but I like how you drew all of their pants and boots… :sweat: The heads of The Specialist and The Reconnaissance are a bit smooshed though since their heads are in profile view… The Reconnaissance’s left hand = Major Thumbs Up!..



thanks for the crtz n comments^^

I added the Tactician


A Rastafarian from Canada?


lol. sounds like some people have been watching cool runnings lately :smiley:


Na, he’s not Jamaican, lol. But he is African-American, which is why his beads are the colour they are^^


Isn’t that the flag of Russia in his vest?.. He’s kinda Rasputin-ish…


Lol, you guys got me confused @.@

The Specialist is from Germany
The Cerebral is from Russia, he doesn’t have dreads per se, it’s more like matted hair
The Recon is from Japan
The Enforcer is from Canada
The Tactician is from Armenia

Hope that clears things up^^


Updated with the Ninja, now the whole team is here.


Damn man The Reconnaissance has got some MC Hammer Parachute Pants on. lol Nice work.:wink:


that’s some pretty sweet stuff, Deon.
Are we gonna see a SWAT Team vs your mafia characters comic anytime soon? :slight_smile:


Good question, the Mafia comic is kinda on hold. We’re trying to do a superhero book where all of us can participate in. But the SWAT team might make an appearance in Gangland(working title)

I wanted to give his pants more of a Hakama look, so yea. (Does the typewriter^^)


Updated with a female 6th member. Decided not to make her a butch, lol.


BOO! j/k :rofl:

Nice work man, I like how they each have their own individuality.

I need to show you some of my designs- when I get a scanner.:sad:




Hmmm… It’s kinda hard to distinguish The Tracker’s face… She’s a good design despite not making her outfit feminine-like at all… She doesn’t stand out though… :wonder:


another one of my friends said the same thing. I’m starting to not like the design myself. Maybe i’ll redo her, but the dog is awesome imo^^