I notice that I lose a lot of fights that I shouldn’t online because my hands get very sewaty. I don’t believe this was an issue when I was using a pad, but playing with my stick while online I tend to sweat a lot more and it tends to be a major factor in my fights. I just fought an E. Honda player and I lost the match because I meant to do a cross up hard kick, but my sweat made my do a jump back hard kick instead. I was wondering how do you experts deal with sweaty hands. I can’t wipe them off in the middle of a fight.

lmao, this topic brought up an ad saying “sweaty hands? there are options…”

maybe you should try www.hyperhidrosis-USA.com

  1. I do not have sweaty hands.

  2. Why the fuck can you not wipe your hands off mid-match?

Get one of these Then you can look super sweet while you sweat your ass off.

Don’t fix it, just sit back and enjoy the extra defense and immunity to throws on f.mk now that you are oiled up.

Get some weight lifting chalk I guess. Sure, your stick will be covered in a chalky white powder, but it doesn’t sound any worse than what it’s covered with now.

btw, I’m not an expert, but does this situation really require a street fighter expert?

I suffer from the same thing. It’s your body’s natural reaction to stress and anxiety which playing a fast-paced game like this will cause =)

I’ve managed to keep it under control using some of these methods, but this is everything I know about it ordered by severity.

  • A hand towel near-by
  • Some sort of talcum or baby powder. A small amount, rubbed into your hands will ease the sweat temporarily
  • soak your hands for 15-20 mins a day for 3 or 4 days in a solution of baking soda and warm water. You should have enough baking soda in there to turn in a cloudy, milky white. After that, a few “maintenance” soaks a month ought to keep you dry (my favorite!!!)
  • antiperspirant (preferably unscented =P) on your palms. I’ve read this is best with a product called DrySol, which is done as a regiment for a course of 3 nights and you can then reduce usage to once or twice a week. (be very careful with this and any other product containing aluminum chloride, in fact I would go so far as to recommend visiting a doctor before use.)
  • lastly, botox injections in your hands has been shown to practically outright stop hand sweating

This depends on how bad you perceive the problem to be as well as how bad you want it to stop.

Please be aware the the body releases a lot of toxins through sweat (especially through underarm and it can cause a buildup of toxins in your lymph nodes and cause swelling SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL and see your dermatologist for ANY signs of irritation, rash, or redness.)

Please post your results, I am interested to see how other deals and what works for them and this has been plaguing me since I was young.

Stay cool.

Get a full body sponge suit. I hear Daigo usually wears one during his big matches, though his is custom made. I hear it has a picture of Justin Wong, photoshopped to look like Volcano Rosso, on his ass.

In an ideal future, super models would be at your side in tourneys to wipe your hands off between rounds. Until then, keep a bandanna in your back pocket.

Juicebox (the Abel player) wears fingerless gloves.

Gloves would be a good option.
Or a carry a towel to wipe your hands off between rounds.

I was in a band with a guy who had some disorder with the sweat glands in his hands that caused his hands to sweat like a mother fucker. He used to borrow my guitar picks then give them back with puddles on them. It was nuts.

Well if you pre-ordered SSF4 from Gamestop, they gave you THUMB FIGHTERS! Yes folks, the once-thought-to-be useless promotional gift actually has uses: preventing sweat on the fingers. Useless for your palms, but at least you’ll look cool as you mash on your fightstick :smiley:

Tried baby powder and deodorant recently. Using them both at the same time on my hands created something weird. My neck and hair started to itch immensely and it lasted for a while Baby powder by itself I felt mildly itchy and it made my stick feel weird. It also created some caked up powder in the cracks of my stick.

I suppose wiping your hands on your clothes would be beneath you…

You can also take the opportunity to wipe your hands during an Ultra Combo animation. And I like the accessories that you guys are suggesting; the Wii Skid Proof Glove, Logitech Playstation 3 ChillStream Controller, lol.

I know everyone is saying it, but get some gloves, man, gloves.

If it’s really a problem, you could maybe find a modder who would love the opportunity to try to install an small air conditioning unit inside a TE?

Sounds like something Gummowned would do, if he hasn’t done so already.

I guess I can try gloves only ones I own though are my suede ones i used during the cold seasons.

Use latex surgical gloves and continually stretch them and wink at your opponents before each match.

WTF? My hands sweat a lot when playing on a pad, but how are they getting sweaty with a stick? Are you clutching on for dear life?