Sweaty Hands

Lately when I play after about 20 minutes my hands start to get a little sweaty and sticky and it bothers me. I never had this problem before and have just started to notice it over the past few months and it keeps getting worse. It’s not to the point where my stick is covered in sweat but after playing it does feel sticky and weird.

I wash my hands thoroughly before I play and keep my sticks very clean, but that hasn’t helped the problem at all. A friend of mine wears what he calls “gaming gloves” that give him more grip when using his mouse and told me to try them but I don’t know how effective they would be since they don’t cover the fingers and frankly wearing gloves to play games just seems kind of ridiculous to me.

I know after some frantic playing your hands are eventually going to get sweaty, but the time it takes for mine to get sweaty are becoming less and less. After about 15 minutes on my DS I get the same problem. Thus far the only solution I’ve found is to wash my hands everytime my hands start to get sticky but it feels like I’m on the verge of OCD.

Does anyone else have problems like this or have found an easy solution? Thanks in advance for any advice.


just wipe your hands on your pants

I do that but they are still sticky.

How do you ma–Nevermind.
Carry around like hand wipes. Makes them feel fresh.

So I should put a lot of lotion on before playing with my stick? :blush:


Put fans on your stick :)?

Hand dryers like they have at bowling alleys.

Aint nothing ridiculous about wearin gloves to play…get some of those skeleton gloves, they look so cool. I have fingerless pair i enjoed playin with. But i lost them after a drunken night. lol :party:

I swear I got this idea before you said it.

eh SWEAT is not sticky,
maybe your stick is, clean it up, wipe ur hands on ur pants.

or keep a bowl of powder beside you , lol
u can then carry it to tournament like a mountain climber.

Do what what do in ninja warrior when the climb the spider wall…get some grip spray…lol

sounds funny, but try getting a tennis grip, maybe a badminton towel grip? anywhere from 5-10 bucks for a pack of 3-5, wrap it around teh stick… and voila